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Five exciting new streaming TV services coming in 2018

streaming TV services

New streaming TV services arriving in 2018

As 2018 gets started, there is much for cord cutters to be excited about in the world of streaming. New streaming TV services that had been highly anticipated for the 2018 season have arrived, but how do you choose which ones are best for you?

To help you decide, we’ve listed our pick for the top five new streaming TV services coming out in 2018.

Get the fattest, dumbest pipe you can find when cutting the cord

Cutting the cord? Is your network fast enough?

Cutting the cord puts demands on your home Internet connection. A lot of the stuff that used to come to you by way of a coax cable or satellite dish now comes over the Internet instead.

cutting the cordPeople talk about the standard measurement of Internet or network speed, megabit (note: bit, not byte) like it’s supposed to mean something to most people.

If 30 megabits per second (Mbps) is good, then it stands to reason, 50 Mbps is better. 100 Mbps must be really good and when you get up to 1,000 Mbps (1 gigabit per second or 1 Gbps), you’re squarely in “amazing” territory.

1 Gbps, of the sort provided by fiber Internet access, is, dare we say, life-changing. It also isn’t available in most places yet…

Since fiber access isn’t available everywhere, most people still have to play the incumbent copper provider’s game of Pick the Megabits: trying to measure cost against Megabits which, as we sort of established, is a ruler that most people simply don’t understand (and shouldn’t have to).

We’re here to offer what help we can in picking through the options to find one that fits.

Ting’s holiday gift guide for cord cutters


Here’s our holiday gift guide for cord cutters

The holidays are weeks away and you’re probably already in the holly-jolly gifting spirit. If you have a cord cutter on your shopping list, or someone who’s expressed interest in cutting the cord, we have some great gift ideas for every budget.

Unplug from cable TV in four easy steps

How to unplug from cable TV

Over 500,000 U.S. cable TV subscribers canceled cable TV and switched to streaming their content in just one quarter of 2015, leaving millions more wanting to join in, unplug from cable and ditch the cable bill. However, saying goodbye to cable can seem scary. Many people are hesitant to cut the cord because they are unsure which device and what content to choose from among the wealth of options available for streaming.

The good news is that cord cutting is easier than you think it is, and we are here to help. This step-by-step guide will assist you with easily cutting the cord to save money as you still watch all your favorite shows, news, sports and movies.

College basketball streaming: a cord cutter’s guide

college basketball streaming

Watching college basketball online and over the air

The 2017 college basketball season is now here and college basketball streaming as a cord cutter is easier than ever!

This is your guide to watching college basketball without the high cost and long-term contracts of cable TV. Between over-the-air channels you can receive with an antenna to multiple online streaming services, including some free options, you won’t miss a thing.

Streaming Halloween movies all year long

Halloween movies

Halloween movies for cord cutters

With the start of October, many Americans turn their attention to Halloween. If you are looking to get into the Halloween spirit, it may be that streaming a long list of horror movies will be just what you need. Maybe you’re into horror flicks no matter the month or season.

You’re in luck, cord cutter. Currently, there are a number of streaming services dedicated to horror movies. Here are a few of our favorites.