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Data only mobile plans and data only devices

Ting’s data only mobile plans come in super handy when travelling… whether travelling means touching down in a new city or whether it just means getting out of the office for an afternoon to work in a park or other less office-y locale.

Travelling and filing updates back to home base has become much easier now that I always travel with a data only device. I’ve been using the MiFi 2200 to connect my various devices to the web and it’s been invaluable. Even at the recent CES 2012 tradeshow where over 100,000 geeks descended on Las Vegas and proceeded to slow networks to a crawl, I was able to regularly and reliably send updates back to the office.

You can also use Ting for your tablet! If you’re interested, check out our list of compatible tablets.

Huawei Express Mobile Hotspot

Ting’s Data Only Plans

Making a Ting plan into a data-only plan is simple:

If you only plan to use Ting for data and have no intention of using voice call minutes or text messages, make sure to disable everything in both the Minutes and Messaging sections.

Activated devices on your account cost $6 per month and you can have as many devices as you want on one plan.

If you’ve already got a data only plan from another carrier, try the Ting Calculator to see how much Ting can save you. If you’re looking for a data only plan, take a look at Ting’s data-only devices and Ting’s rates, with particular attention to the Megabytes section.