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Device Update: Device Update: Less sizzle, more service

Spring is in the air. Other weather-related small talk.

That’s enough of that. Device update time!

First order of business: The HTC One is available on the Ting devices page for pre-order. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will follow in short order; barring circumstances beyond our control, it should appear on the Ting devices page early next week.

While we initially stated “ships in two to three weeks” for the HTC One, it looks likely that we’ll be able to meet the low end of that estimate for everyone that pre-ordered: Supply chain willing, we hope to begin shipping out HTC Ones as soon as late next week.

Samsung Galaxy SIII sale

The 16GB Samsung Galaxy SIII is on sale for $450 ($79 off the original ask). Now, it’s joined by the 32 GB Samsung Galaxy SIII at $497, $82 off.

While it’s about to be outshone by the Samsung Galaxy S4 (which also bucks the Roman numeral versioning system) the SIII is still a powerful and very capable smartphone.

Other devices returning to the Ting lineup

We’re adding a bunch of devices back into the Ting lineup. We

Samsung M400

A simple and accessible flip feature phone, the M400 is perfect for the elder set or really, for anyone looking for a simple, no-frills flip phone.

Samsung Array

Perfect for the heavy-texting set, the Array is a feature phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. A good entry point for kids as they can’t “accidentally” watch 18 hours of YouTube videos while on a family road trip and push your usage to strange new levels.

Samsung Galaxy Victory

I personally like this device. It’s the entry-level LTE device on Ting and offers a great balance of price and performance. You don’t hear a lot about this one because it’s not as exciting as one of the top-tier superphones. It is, however, a very capable smartphone running ICS.


If you find yourself in a mobile deadzone but you still want to take advantage of the mobile savings that Ting offers, this is the device you need.

In addition to adding the Airave back to our devices listing, we’re also now able to bring over SOME Airaves purchased used. UPDATE: Only Airvana Airave devices, version 2.0 or 2.5 with a MAC address that begins with 00:05:B can be brought to Ting. Samsung Airave devices are being decommissioned by on August 1, 2013 and will no longer work after that date.

Snag a used Airvana Airave for a good price (make sure you as the seller for a picture of the MAC address sticker to ensure it can make the move). Email us with your Airave’s MAC address or give us a call and we’ll help you get it up and running with Ting.

That’s it for now. Follow Ting Device Alerts here on the Ting blog and / or sign up for Ting Device Alert emails. Just look for “Get Email Updates” in your Ting account dashboard or in the bottom right of the Ting homepage.