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Device Update: HTC One and Galaxy S4 shipping times, new SIIs and refurb Airaves inbound

It’s been a little while since our last device update. The irony is, we’ve been too busy working to update our device lineup to offer a proper device update. Last week, we added the HTC One to the Ting lineup. More recently, we added the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the mix. There’s more in the pipe.


When we added the HTC One to the Ting device page, we set the ships-in time to two to three weeks. We hoped to hit the earlier estimate but unfortunately, forces outside our control conspired to make that unrealistic.

That said, HTC One devices will start leaving the warehouse today. If you were among the first about 50% of pre-orders, you’ll see a shipment notice hit the inbox of the email address we have on file when it’s loaded and on its way to you. The remaining pre-orders (and new orders) will be fulfilled throughout this week. After the pre-orders are shipped, the HTC One will be available to buy now, shipping the same business day.

For an estimation on shipping times to your neck of the woods, check out this article on the Ting blog. While it’s holiday themed, the shipping estimates stand up.

Samsung Galaxy S4

We recently added the latest in the Samsung Galaxy S family to the Ting lineup. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available now in black or white at $596.

The first of our Galaxy S4 stock arrived and will be leaving the warehouse, on its way to pre-orderers, first thing tomorrow morning. Once pre-orders are shipped, the S4 will be available to buy now, shipping the same business day.

Samsung Galaxy SII

Next week, we’ll be adding the Samsung Galaxy SII 4G Titanium to the Ting devices page at around $250 brand new. The SII is a great mid-range device. While it’s been overshadowed by the latest in the Samsung Galaxy line, the S4, and it’s less than half the price, it’s not fair to say the SII is half the smartphone.

Galaxy SIIs seem to hold their value as used devices; we’ve seen used SIIs selling for more than the price we’re able to offer them up brand new.


In the last Device Update, we mentioned that some Airave devices can be brought over to Ting. It is only the more recent (version 2.0 or 2.5) Airvana Airave devices that can be activated. Samsung Airave devices cannot make the move at all. Airave devices made prior to 2009 (Samsung devices) are being decommissioned as of August 1, 2013 and will not work after this date.

A quick eBay search confirms that the listings are awash in Airave devices that will be decommissioned soon. As always it’s buyer beware when dealing in the used market.

How do I know if my Airave can make the move to Ting?

The simplest means of checking to see if an Airave can move to Ting is to check the MAC address. You’ll find the MAC address on a sticker on the device. It’s a string of six sets of two hex characters (xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx). If the first five characters of the MAC address are 00-05-B, it should be good to go. Give us a call and we’ll help you make the move. Otherwise, it’s likely among those that will be decomissioned as of August 1, 2013.

If you’re looking to buy a used Airave, make sure you ask the seller for a picture of the MAC address sticker before you buy!

We hope to add a refurbished Airave to the Ting device lineup in the next couple of weeks, in part to alleviate the possibility of confusion from the used Airave devices currently available for sale.

Windows Phone

We’re still on track to offer Windows Phone devices from Samsung and HTC in late June early July. There’s not a great deal more to say on the subject except that you might want to sign up for our Device Alert emails (bottom of this page, “Get Email Updates”) to ensure you get the latest device news as it hits.


No specific news to report on the iPhone front. We do appreciate everyone that’s signed up for iPhone alerts on the Ting new devices page. It will help us as we continue to make our case. People that have signed up for iPhone alerts will be the very first to know when we are able to offer the iPhone, for sale and / or as a Bring your Device to Ting-eligible phone.

We don’t expect we’ll get a great deal of notice in advance of the iPhone’s arrival. That’s a big part of the reason we’re trying to lay the ground work ahead of time.

Afraid we can’t offer much more insight than that. If we had details, you know we’d share ’em!