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New devices, devices on sale and Bring your Device to Ting

We hope you find some of the information in this article helpful – but we should point out that information about GSM/CDMA is outdated. As a Ting Mobile customer, you’ll continue to receive great coverage and service as Ting is currently on three nationwide LTE networks, including the nation’s largest and most reliable.

They say that no news is good news.

If that’s so, and if the inverse is also true, you might want to sit down. We’ve got some bad news.

We’ve got news and clarifications on new and previously announced devices that are coming to Ting.

We’ve got an update on the Samsung Galaxy SIII sale for those that don’t receive our Device Update emails.

We’ve got news on refurbished devices including the fact that we’ll soon have refurb Airaves on the site for less than $100.

Finally, we have a quick update on the latest developments in the Bring your eligible Device to Ting program.

New devices coming to Ting


Soon, like within the next week or so, we’ll have the HTC One up for pre-order on the Ting Devices page at $525 (Update: The HTC One is available on the Ting devices page for $536). As a quick refresher, the HTC One is a beautifully designed smartphone with its unibody design painstakingly milled from a single slab of aluminum.

HTC Sense has toned down on the superflous graphical flash and is much better for it. At the same time, it has dialled up its usefulness, presenting your social feeds, relevant news, sports scores and the like (BlinkFeed). It takes beautiful pictures and videos (UltraPixel camera) and turns them into little animated shorts, perfect for sharing (HTC Zoe) and much more.

It’s got 32GB of internal storage, a colossal, super bright and vibrant screen at 4.7-inch and 468 PPI. 2GB of RAM and a quad-core 1.7GHz processor (in short: It’s ridicuolously fast, bright and smooth.)

No promises, but it looks to us like the GSM SIM card slot is going to be unlocked on the version we’ll be offering. More news on that just as soon as we can confirm.

Check out our HTC One unboxing video in the mean time.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Nothing more to share on this particular device just yet, but it’s coming. As soon as we know, you’ll know (assuming you follow our Device Update posts.)

It looks as though we’ll be able to offer the S4 in mid-May. The S4 is in high demand and we’re working with suppliers to ensure we have adequate stock.

While the S4 was announced with three variations for internal memory (16GB, 32GB and 64GB), it’s looking like we may not have the full gamut of capacities available. At the same time, it looks as though there will be more color variations that we originally reported.

Again, we’ll share more as soon as we know more.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Looks like the S4 Mini will be a little further out than anticipated. We have yet to hear any real dates around this device. It looks as if whatever is keeping the S4 Mini from coming to Ting sooner as opposed to later is systemic and that the Mini will be late coming for all carriers.

LTE USB data stick coming

If you’ve been waiting for an LTE data stick option on Ting, the time is nigh. Or very nearly nigh. We will be getting a Franklin LTE USB data stick. This news is so new that said LTE data stick hasn’t been officially named as yet. As soon as we know, we’ll let you know.

Windows Phone 8 devices

We’re still on track to offer Windows Phone 8 devices from both HTC and Samsung in late June or early July. Nothing new to report at this point. We just wanted to make sure our WP-loving brethren didn’t miss out in this update.

In other device news…

S3 16GB price drop

Late last week, we put the Samsung Galaxy SIII 16GB Pebble Blue on sale at $79 off the original $529 ask. While quantities last, we’ll be offering the SIII 16GB blue for $450.

If you missed this news last week, you can sign up for device news and / or our monthly newsletter by clicking on “Get Email Updates” in the lower right of the Ting homepage

Refurbished devices

Samsung Galaxy SII

We’ve received numerous requests for more and better refurbished devices. We’ve added the Samsung Galaxy SII back to our used and refurbished device lineup at $190 for the black and $180 for the white versions.

LG Optimus S

Last week, we put the refurbished charcoal grey LG Optimus S back on the site for $68. Traditionally, the purple Optimus S is less expensive than its grey counterpart. So it is that the LG Optimus S purple is on sale now for $59.

Refurbished Airave

No exact timing on when this will hit the Ting site. However, the Airave will soon be available as a refurbished device for under $100.

Bring your Device to Ting

With the latest update to, the Bring your Device to Ting program is exiting beta and is ready for prime-time. Bring your Device to Ting now supports LTE devices and the list of explicitly supported devices continues to grow. For devices we don’t explicilty support, it’s still possible to turn an eligible device into a Ting device. We just don’t have the process fully documented as yet. If you’re confident in your ability (it’s really not hard) you can bring any device that’s on the device whitelist.

If you already have an Airave, we’re currently working on a process that will make it easy to move your Airave over to Ting. As it stands, we can work with you to manually bring your Airave over if you send us an email that includes your Airave’s MAC address or give us a call at 1-855-846-4389.

We recently redesigned the Ting Devices page to better separate new and used / refurbished devices and to offer Bring your Device to Ting within the device purchase path. After all, why buy a phone from us if you’ve got already got an eligible device that can work with Ting?

That’s all we’ve got for now. Stay tuned for the next device update.