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Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 Mini, HTC One and LTE data devices inbound

Told you the next device update would be more substantial. Let’s get right to it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 inbound

In advance of Samsung’s big launch event tomorrow, we’re excited to say that we’ll be able to offer the follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S3 which we’ll call the Samsung Galaxy S4 unless we’re provided reason to do otherwise. What’s more, we’ll be able to do so at around the same time as the major carriers; on or at least around the actual launch day.

Expect to see the S4 hit the Ting device page as a pre-order in six to eight weeks, shipping within a few weeks of that date.

As for pricing, we’ll be able to offer the Samsung Galaxy S4 contract-free (which is the only way we’d have it) for around the full unlocked price.

There’s not much more we can say about this device without incurring the wrath of entities much larger than ourselves. Honestly, it’s all speculation anyway and will remain so until the big launch tomorrow. We’ll just say that we’re excited and if you can spare the time, we’re quite sure it’ll be worth following along with the live video feed.


Several weeks back I had the good fortune to head to NYC for the HTC One launch event and to see the HTC One up close and personal. This milled aluminum unibody phone is a natural evolution of HTC’s well deserved reputation for attention to detail in design and material. What’s more, it’s the flagship HTC device and endeavours to put a stop to the iterative versioning that HTC has fallen prey to.

Software wise, there’s plenty to get excited about too. We’ll profile the HTC One on the Ting blog soon.

Expect to see the HTC One hit the Ting device page for pre-order in about 30 days, shipping in a few weeks of that date.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Take most of the stuff you love about the Samsung Galaxy S3 (given that it’s the most popular Android smartphone ever released we’re guessing you’ve found a lot to love), shrink the body and the price. What you’ve got is the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini which hits the Ting lineup in around the same timeframe as the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy S4.

An LTE hotspot

We’ve been busting our humps to get an LTE data device into the Ting lineup. There have been delays and supply chain problems that have kept these devices and the faster data speeds they bring out of our (and hence your) hands. It looks like all the delays and issues are behind us and we’ll have an LTE device up for pre-order within six weeks.

Covering off the FAQs

When will Ting get the iPhone?
We haven’t stopped working. As soon as we have news to share you can bet we’ll share it!

What about Windows Phone 8 devices?
They’re definitely coming. As soon as we have a clear timeframe, we’ll share it.

Any word on LTE support for the bring your Sprint device to Ting program?
Yup. A good word too. More news very soon 🙂