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Device Update – What’s coming through the end of 2012

While the majority of the attention has been on BYO(S)D and successfully launching the first beta phases, our device team hasn’t been slacking.

We’re all pretty excited about BYO(S)D, in large part because, when it’s fully online, it will open up a whole new catalog of devices that are available to use with Ting.

In other words, you won’t necessarily need to buy a device from Ting to use it on Ting. With all that said, we understand the importance of having a good roster of devices available to purchase new or refurbished and of offering an excellent buying process for our customers. We will continue to work toward those ends as we add BYO(S)D to our bag of tricks.

Without further ado, here’s your device update.

They’re back!

Huawei Express Mobile Hotspot

Originally, we didn’t re-up on the Huawei hotspot as we were anticipating a tri-mode (3G, 4G WiMAX and LTE) hotspot. As that tri-mode hotspot has been delayed until the new year, we grabbed some more Huawei hotspots to fill the gap in our data devices lineup. This data device gets up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect via the mobile network.

Just added

Samsung M400

We just added the M400 flip phone with a price tag of around $100. There was a lot of pent up demand for this simple and sturdy device.

The M400 is the first accessible feature phone in the Ting lineup with its large on-screen fonts, large and clearly marked keypad and assistive technologies like text to speech on board. It also has a dedicated “in case of emergency” key that can be programmed with three numbers an elderly parent or grandparent can easily call. In addition, the dedicated 911 key can be used in case of a true medical or other emergency.

Coming soon. Really, really soon

Home Phone Connect 2

Home Phone Connect 2 lets you plug in a traditional home phone (including cordless base stations) to effectively get your home phone on the cellular network. Home Phone Connect 2 will retail for around $100 and notably, home phone (landline) numbers can be ported to a cellular provider like, say, us.

We’re currently testing the Home Phone Connect 2 just to make sure everything works as advertised. We’ll have it up on the site as soon as possible.

Home Phone Connect 2 is a great option for anyone whose home phone sees little use but that who isn’t quite ready give it up. With light use, there’s a good chance the home phone won’t even push Ting customers into their next usage bucket, cutting the home phone bill to effectively $6/mo., the standard Ting monthly device charge. Home Phone Connect 2 has a 2.5hr backup battery so home phone service isn’t interrupted in a power outage.

Coming in early December

LG Optimus G

We’ve talked a bit about the Optimus G before. Refresh your memory with the previous device update. We expect to have this device in our catalog in early December of this year. Unfortunately, that’s not the late November timeframe we had for the device last week.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

All signs point to us being able to offer the Samsung Galaxy Note II in our lineup for mid-December in both the white and grey options. It’ll come it at around $620 which is the full retail price. It’s a big sticker for a big device. As a “phablet,” it’s a unique and somewhat polarizing smartphone. As such, we don’t expect to move a ton of these but it is something we’ve been asked to stock and as always, the Ting abides.

LG Mach

Another device we talked about last time, the LG Mach will hit the Ting devices page in early December. To refresh your memory: 1.2GHz dual-core processor, LTE capability, 4-inch touchscreen and slide-out five-line QWERTY keyboard. In other words, pretty sweet at under $350.