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Device Update: Windows Phone 8 and data devices

We’ve got some Windows Phone 8 news to share. If you’ve been waiting to learn more about Windows Phone’s debut on Ting, read on.

In mid- to late-July (later than the early July timeframe we were hoping for. Our apologies.) we’ll have the Samsung and HTC Windows Phone 8 devices we’ve hinted at previously. We have confirmed the HTC model that we’ll have available but we’re still waiting for official word on the Samsung device.

HTC Tiara

With all the pomp and pageantry we can muster, we’ll be bringing the HTC Tiara to Ting. We’ll also be hoping (but secretly, not all that much) that Tiara is a codename.

While it’s not been officially unveiled, the Tiara is expected to be the follow-up and an upgraded version of the well appointed HTC Desire SV.

Since it hasn’t been officially launched and so the spec sheet isn’t confirmed, we’ll stop short of detailing all the specs and capabilities of the Tiara except to say that it will be an LTE-ready device.

Samsung WP8 device

While we can’t yet 100% confirm the specific Samsung Windows Phone 8 device we’ll be dropping into the Ting device lineup in fairly short order, we do know that it’ll be an LTE device and it looks distinctly like it will have an unlocked GSM SIM card slot. Perfect for travellers with a Windows Phone bent.

We expect to offer this device at around the same time as the HTC Tiara hits and we’ll update with more info just as soon as we can.

Samsung Galaxy Note III?

We’re expecting a refresh of the Note lineup to hit later this year, likely in early fall. No word on what the next Note looks like. If you’re a phablet phan, all we can really say is stay tuned; we’ll have and share updates as soon as there are updates to be had and shared.

Data devices

We’ll be adding brand new data devices to the Ting lineup this summer. Both of our new data devices will be coming from Netgear. We don’t have names yet but we do know that one of these Netgear devices is an LTE + 3G device. The other is an LTE + GSM 3G device.

In other news…

We added the refurbished Samsung Galaxy SII white back to the Ting used devices lineup at $202. We added a limited quantity of refurb Titanium SIIs as well, but those sold through in the span of a couple of days. We do have the brand new Titanium SIIs that we added to the new device lineup recently still in stock at $251.

Bring your eligible device to Ting

We’ve been quietly adding devices to the officially supported devices list and said list now comprises 15 phones. To reiterate, “officially supported” devices are ones that we have the explicit instructions for every step you’d need to complete to bring your phone across. Devices on the “white list” are phones and data devices that can make the move to Ting but that we haven’t yet created the step-by-step instructions you might need to help your device make the move.

If your device is on the white list but not on the officially supported devices list, not to worry: It can still make the move. The process is pretty simple: Just go to the Ting activation page and follow the steps. The worst that could really happen is that your device doesn’t make the move and remains an inactive device until such time as we’re able to offer step-by-step instructions.