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Retro Phone Connect was (gasp) not real!

We lied. OK? We’re sorry.

We posted the Retro Phone Connect, a Home Phone Connect 2 paired with a pretty awesome old-school rotary dial phone, as the Retro Phone Connect. We priced it at $6,000, on sale for $4,750. You probably caught on to the fact that it was a joke.

The Retro Phone Connect device page has since been removed from the Ting devices page. However, it will live on forever in our hearts. Or something.

While it is conceivable to turn a rotary phone into a cell phone (like this GSM-only, alas), we’re focussed on getting the latest and greatest, not the oldest and oddest.

Device Update: Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 Mini, HTC One and LTE data devices inbound

Told you the next device update would be more substantial. Let’s get right to it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 inbound

In advance of Samsung’s big launch event tomorrow, we’re excited to say that we’ll be able to offer the follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S3 which we’ll call the Samsung Galaxy S4 unless we’re provided reason to do otherwise. What’s more, we’ll be able to do so at around the same time as the major carriers; on or at least around the actual launch day.

Expect to see the S4 hit the Ting device page as a pre-order in six to eight weeks, shipping within a few weeks of that date.

As for pricing, we’ll be able to offer the Samsung Galaxy S4 contract-free (which is the only way we’d have it) for around the full unlocked price.

There’s not much more we can say about this device without incurring the wrath of entities much larger than ourselves. Honestly, it’s all speculation anyway and will remain so until the big launch tomorrow. We’ll just say that we’re excited and if you can spare the time, we’re quite sure it’ll be worth following along with the live video feed.


Several weeks back I had the good fortune to head to NYC for the HTC One launch event and to see the HTC One up close and personal. This milled aluminum unibody phone is a natural evolution of HTC’s well deserved reputation for attention to detail in design and material. What’s more, it’s the flagship HTC device and endeavours to put a stop to the iterative versioning that HTC has fallen prey to.

Software wise, there’s plenty to get excited about too. We’ll profile the HTC One on the Ting blog soon.

Expect to see the HTC One hit the Ting device page for pre-order in about 30 days, shipping in a few weeks of that date.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Take most of the stuff you love about the Samsung Galaxy S3 (given that it’s the most popular Android smartphone ever released we’re guessing you’ve found a lot to love), shrink the body and the price. What you’ve got is the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini which hits the Ting lineup in around the same timeframe as the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy S4.

An LTE hotspot

We’ve been busting our humps to get an LTE data device into the Ting lineup. There have been delays and supply chain problems that have kept these devices and the faster data speeds they bring out of our (and hence your) hands. It looks like all the delays and issues are behind us and we’ll have an LTE device up for pre-order within six weeks.

Covering off the FAQs

When will Ting get the iPhone?
We haven’t stopped working. As soon as we have news to share you can bet we’ll share it!

What about Windows Phone 8 devices?
They’re definitely coming. As soon as we have a clear timeframe, we’ll share it.

Any word on LTE support for the bring your Sprint device to Ting program?
Yup. A good word too. More news very soon πŸ™‚

Device update: The calm before the storm

There’s a lot happening on the device front here at Ting… but much of it is on the horizon and so there’s not a lot we can say at present. Not because we play our cards close to our chest but rather because we’d hate to make an announcement and then have to reneg.

Suffice it to say that the stuff you’ve been asking for most is precisely the stuff we’ve been working on… and there’s some exciting news coming very soon.

We’re still in the relative calm of the post-holiday season. The first quarter of the year is generally pretty sparse for device news. In Q2, things really start to happen… and we’re looking forward to offering more and more exciting device news just as soon as the opportunity arises.

Recent additions

We recently added the LG Optimus S up as a refurbished device. More, we put it on sale; it can be had for under $55 while supplies last.

We were also (finally!) able to fill the hotspot gap in our lineup with the addition of the Sierra Overdrive Pro 3G and 4G WiMAX hotspot. This hotspot sets itself apart with its LCD screen that offers much more detailed status updates than the blinking LEDs that we’re used to in mobile hotspots. It’s available now as a refurbished device and at a sub-$30 price that can only fairly be called compelling.

Coming soon

The Samsung Galaxy SII is coming back to the Ting lineup as a refurbished device. Demand for this smartphone has been consistent as a used device via our partnership with Glyde so we expect good things for it as a refurb too.

We expect to be able to offer the SII refurbs up for pre-order at a sub-$200 price as early as next week, shipping in one to two weeks.

Offering a device up for pre-order helps us to get a sense for how strong the demand for said device is. Using pre-order data, we can bump our order quantities up or down to ensure we don’t end up with a glut of stock and that we can meet the latent demand.

It’s hardly earth shattering (in fact, it’s pretty much Inventory Management 101) but if I hadn’t just written that, this would have been the shortest device update post of all time.

Consider that I get paid by the word a set and agreed upon amount per written word (even words that are written as a parenthetical aside) regardless of whether they confuse the point and, in a similar vein, regardless of how pointless and overrun the sentences that contain those words might end up and of whether the overall confusion of the sentence can be correlated and / or attributed, either tangentially or directly, to this excess verbiage.

Seriously though…

We’ll have some exciting news soon. We’re verily bursting over here.

Device Update: Windows Phone 8, device
sale, Nexus S, and more

After the rampage of consumption restful and familial time that is the holiday season, the blast of new devices leading up to the end of the year slows to a trickle.

With the last quarter of the year accounting for the majority of mobile device sales, it makes sense; device manufacturers try to get their stuff in front of the glut of people buying in the last three months of the year leaving little in the pipe for the months that follow.

Let’s be honest here; even if the absolute latest and greatest was released in January, most potential buyers would still be trying to rebuild the war chest after holiday spending.

So it is that the most exciting new additions to the Ting device lineup are a little way out. Not that you should let that stop you from buying one of our sweet, sweet smartphones.

Samsung Nexus S now supported for BYOD

We’ve added the step-by-step instructions to bring a Sprint Nexus S (not to be confused with the LTE Samsung Galaxy Nexus) to Ting. If you’ve got a Sprint Samsung Nexus S and you’ve been waiting on this announcement, you can now bring it over to Ting.

This news also means that we’re able to offer the Nexus S as a used Ting-ready device thanks to our partnership with the used device marketplace Glyde.

Windows Phone 8 coming to Ting

We mentioned that we hoped to have the latest Windows Phone devices around the same time Sprint begins offering them. Thanks to some hardball negotiation tactics such as asking nicely, we’ll be able to start shipping these devices within four to six weeks of the time Sprint puts them up for sale. Expect to see those in May or June.

At CES 2013, Sprint confirmed a commitment to Windows Phone 8 and announced it would come to market with WP8 devices from Samsung and HTC. There’s plenty of speculation online around which specific WP8 devices those will be. We won’t wade in publicly. However, InformationWeek doesn’t have the same restrictions.

As these are new devices to the Sprint lineup and Sprint will be putting its own marketing might behind these new devices, we expect they will not be on the bring your Sprint device to Ting whitelist for the foreseeable future.

Hotspots are apparently hot

There’s currently a gap in the Ting device lineup that hotspots and other dedicated data devices occupied until recently. We currently have no hotspots or data sticks available. We’re working to fill this gap; the tri-mode hotspot that’s been on again, off again has put a crimp in our hotspot plans.

We’re looking to bring the Huawei Express Mobile Hotspot back as either a new or refurbished device in the interim. We hope to have more news on that front soon.

Devices on sale

The HTC EVO 4G LTE in black is on sale for $20 off. Like the HTC EVO 4G LTE in white which is now out of the Ting lineup never to return again (unless, perhaps, if we’re able to secure a great refurb deal), this sale is while supplies last.

The LG Viper is also on sale at $50 off the original asking price. This sale too is while supplies last.

Are there specific devices you’re hoping to see in the Ting lineup? Let us know in the comments below.

The Ting used device marketplace
powered by Glyde

At Ting, we’re always looking for great companies to partner up with. Not in the last call at the bar, we’ve gotta go home with somebody sense but in the let’s talk long-term, you complete me sense.

To us, partnerships are not just about how good your site looks or how easy you are to work with. It’s deeper than that: It’s about reputation too. We’re looking for someone we can talk to (thanks to a great API), someone whose spiritual outlook on customer service matches ours. Someone we can grow old with. A soulmate.

With that somewhat disturbing metaphor behind us and assuming we haven’t scared them off (too much? too soon?) we’re very pleased to announce a new partnership with Glyde, the awesome used device marketplace.

With this partnership, we are now able to offer used devices. We’re launching with four smartphones, all Sprint branded and bring your Sprint device to Ting-ready. Those device are: the HTC EVO 4G, HTC EVO 4G Shift, LG Optimus S and the Samsung Galaxy SII (Epic 4G Touch).

This partnership also means that when someone is looking to make the switch to Ting and needs to sell an old device, we’ve got a friend in the industry that we can recommend.

It’s early days for the Ting used device marketplace powered by Glyde. The next priorities are to integrate used devices into the Ting devices page and to add more used devices to the list of what’s available.

We’ll take this opportunity to say that this partnership in no way affects our plans for new or refurbished devices; we’ll continue to work hard to build out both of those catalogs. This partnership is all about offering you choices.

The used device marketplace offers a curated list of used Sprint devices that are available through the Glyde marketplace. Purchases run through the Glyde purchase path, seamlessly integrated into Once you receive your new device, it can be activated through the simple bring your Sprint device to Ting process.

Given the popularity of Ting-ready refurbished devices, we’re pretty sure there’s some latent demand for inexpensive devices for us to meet.

A good partnership is one that benefits both parties, that is founded on mutual respect and that – this is the most important part – benefits the end user. That is to say the customer. That is to say (hopefully) you. We feel that this is one of those partnerships.

How Glyde works

Glyde offers a clean, simple and honest used device marketplace. They make it super easy for you to sell a mobile phone or gadget you’re no longer using. More to the point perhaps, they make it super easy to buy a used device with none of the potential pratfalls of craigslist, eBay and the like. The device you receive comes guaranteed by Glyde. The seller receives his or her money as soon as the purchaser acknowledges that the item has been received and is in same condition as it was described.

Glyde doesn’t actually sell anything. Rather, they broker the sale of a device between the buyer and seller; they are, in effect, the middle man, the one offering the audience for gadgets and gear being sold. They make it super easy to list electronics, games and DVDs you no longer use for sale on the site. They work out all the shipping details such that all a seller has to do is slip his or her device and associated boxes and cables into an envelope and drop it in a mailbox. So it is that they have a huge catalog of stuff for sale at any given time.

Device update: Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Ting and M370 refurbs

It’s that time. What time? Why, it’s device update time!

It’s a particularly good one for anyone that’s been asking us to carry the…

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The pure Android-sporting Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the latest addition to the Ting device lineup. Or it will be tomorrow afternoon when we put it up for pre-order on the Ting devices page.

Sadly, we won’t have the Galaxy Nexus in time for the holidays. Pre-orders will ship early in the new year. It’s a bummer, we know. We’re sorry.

The Galaxy Nexus sports a 4.65-inch screen, a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 32GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM, a front 1.3 and a rear 5MP camera. Perhaps more to the point, it runs Android 4.1, Jelly Bean in all its unmodified, unbesmirched goodness. No add-ons, no pre-installed app packs, no cruft.

Special thanks to Ken Kinder, the man behind We had a meeting with Google to talk Nexus. We showed them your site. It helped to prove our point that people have been specifically asking for Nexus devices on Ting.

As it’s an LTE device, existing Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexuses (Nexi?) cannot be brought to Ting at present. As we’ve said previously, we’re working hard to have the LTE limitation lifted from the Bring your Sprint Device to Ting program. We’ll keep you posted as to our progress.

That said, the Samsung Nexus S can make the switch to Ting. It will be added to the Bring your Sprint Device to Ting whitelist in the next couple of weeks.

Samsung M370 refurbished

We’ve fielded numerous requests for an inexpensive refurbished clamshell feature phone. Only too happy to oblige, on Thursday we’ll also be adding refurbished Samsung M370s to our lineup at around $50.

The M370 is a solid feature phone with excellent call quality and not much in the way of bells or whistles… unless you’re talking about bell and whistle ringtones. It’s got a bunch of those.

We’ll have much more device news to share in the New Year. Until then, we don’t expect to have any more device surprises to share.

If we don’t talk before then, have a safe and happy holiday season πŸ™‚