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The best Ting smartphones for geeks


Your old phone just isn’t cutting it anymore.

You know your way around computers and technology. Maybe you already have a particular phone in mind. Let us help you narrow it down to find the perfect phone fit for you. There are a ton of great options for the tech-savvy type if you’re looking to bring your phone to Ting.

You probably prefer Android and if so, you almost certainly prefer stock because it’s clean, customizable without a bunch of add on junk or ride along manufacturer apps. Your eyes probably wander towards the internal specs of a phone before you check out the features, and you’ve at least thought about rooting your phone at one point or another. Unless you’re Australian, of course. You care about your phone’s ability, not its mass market appeal, and you want something unlocked that will work with any carrier.

The good news is you’ve got plenty of great phone options in the budget, mid-range and high-end levels.

The best smartphone deals (Millennial edition)

best smartphone deals

Looking for the best smartphone deals around?

You stopped buying avocado toast for a week and now, you’re bankrolled to buy a new smartphone.

Chances are you’ve been through a few phones already. You’ve tried iPhone and Android and pledged allegiance to your preferred (and obviously superior) OS. You want a smartphone that can do it all: take professional looking photos, stream with ease, support gaming and generally not keep you waiting as you snapstagram or instachat or whatever. You’re willing to lay down some money rather than signing on to a contract or back-loaded financing plan, and you want to be sure you’re spending your money wisely.

Here’s some of the best smartphone deals, tailored for those born in the 1980s and 1990s. You know: around the time culture peaked. Whether you’re Team Android or Team iPhone, we’ve got options for you, from bargain phones to flagship models.

Budget Android phones for a frugal young couple

Budget Android phones

Searching for the perfect budget Android phones

Sam and Greg are in the market for two budget Android phones. Greg’s phone will be for personal use. He likes to take and share pictures, send texts and emails, make phone calls and use Google Hangouts. Sam’s phone will be for personal texting and calling as well as work email and Google Hangouts. She travels often for her job and needs a phone with a long-lasting battery life.

Sam and Greg are saving for a wedding and a house, so they don’t want to break the bank on their new phones. Let’s see what their options are on a budget, in midrange models and if they wanted to spend just a bit more.

Our favorite phones for seniors

phones for seniors

Plenty of phones for seniors

phones for seniorsDonna is a retired teacher and grandmother. She has a flip phone she uses for calling friends and family, but she’s been thinking about something with a few extra features like a better camera and the ability to send and receive email.

There are lots of great choices out there for cell phones for seniors. Donna wants something that is simple and hassle-free. She’s used FaceTime before on her daughter’s phone and may want to video chat with her grandchildren.

Let’s see some examples of what Donna’s options might be on a budget, in midrange models and if she wanted to splurge on a phone. Whether or not she choose to step up to a smartphone, Donna has plenty of options.

Introducing the $130 Moto E4 – Available now in the Ting Shop

Unboxing the Moto E4


We like a lot of what Moto has been doing. It’s an opinion based on having tried and tested out more phones from more manufacturers than we care to count. We like the ethos behind Moto E so we were excited to get our hands on the Moto E4.

Budget phones too often come up wanting. While you’re obviously letting go of premium build quality and features in staying under the $150 mark, the Moto E line has always impressed on price vs. performance.

We took the Moto E (2nd gen) for an extended test drive and, even stepping straight down from the flagship Nexus 6P, we were impressed.

The latest Moto E is the Moto E4 and it’s available in the Ting Shop now for $129.

The best smartphones for kids: recommendations for all ages

smartphones for kids

Best smartphones for kids

If you’re in the camp of parents who are considering getting their kid their first smartphone, this post is for you. Some parents get smartphones for kids to encourage responsibility. Others just can’t handle the non-stop pestering for a smartphone. I mean, can you blame them?

Whatever your reason, we’ve got the rundown on some of our favorite smartphones for kids, tweens and teens. We’ll also talk about ways to raise a conscious user (preferably one that doesn’t rack up a crazy bill every month) and keep your family connected (in real life) in the midst of all this tech.