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Did Ting ever feel like quitting?

Did Ting ever feel like quitting the fiber game?

A famous puppet once said, “Do or do not. There is no try.” I think it was Kermit. Or maybe the mouse from Today’s Special… it’s hard to remember these things.

So when Luke Fredenburg asks if Ting ever felt like quitting the fiber game, Adam Eisner, VP of Internet, fires back with defiant “no.”

That’s not to say we started off as seasoned experts. “When you’re a start-up company getting into the telecom and construction business, you do face a lot of adversity,” Eisner says. “In terms of companies who have been around a long time, doing things a certain way, that tell you this is the way things have to be done.”

We were new on the block but we had fresh eyes. We saw lots of ways to improve on established norms and came up with new processes. We even documented some of those processes in video form.

So no, Luke. We never feel like quitting. In fact, we’re just getting started.