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Ditch cable TV and say goodbye to hidden fees


Cable TV is notorious for hiding the true cost of your TV service. They show you the advertised core package cost but forget to mention that taxes, sports fees, and other hidden charges will be added to your bill. We haven’t even started to talk about how promotional rates skyrocket before the contract ends.

Fees on an average cable bill

Let’s take a look at an average XFINITY bill to see some prime examples of hidden fees. Bear in mind, XFINITY is no different than many other cable companies that play the same game of only advertising the base cost and hiding additional fees.

comcast fees

  • HD/DVR Converter $10
  • HD Technology Fee $9.95
  • Digital Adapters 2 @ $3.99 each totaling $7.98
  • Broadcast TV Fee $5
  • Regional Sports Fee $3
  • Franchise Fee $7.65
  • Total = $43.58… YIKES!

A breakdown of the most outrageous fees

HD Technology Fee: $9.95
You already pay $10 a month for an HD/DVR converter box, yet to get access to the HD content through that converter box, you need to pay an additional $9.95?

Digital Adaptor: $3.99 each
Now that Comcast has moved to digital TV, each TV in your house must have its own digital adaptor. $3.99 extra per TV adds up quickly. This house pays an additional $7.98 just because they own two other TVs. Ouch! How many TVs do you own?

Broadcast TV Fee
Want to see the local stations that are free over the air? Yeah, that will be an extra $5 a month. Want to not get local stations and skip the $5 fee because you have an antenna? Forget it. Most times, that is not an option.

Regional Sports Fee
Dislike sports? Tough! You’re stuck paying a $3 monthly fee for local sports no matter what your thoughts are on sports.

Total Cost

All these fees add up, and if you have a similar plan with your cable company, you could find yourself paying over $500 a year in additional fees! So what can you do to avoid these fees?

If you’re sick of paying high cable fees and you’ve reached your limit, your only option to avoid these fees is to dump cable TV and become a cord cutter. The $500+ a year you’ll save by cutting additional cable fees alone can get you Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and cover a good chunk of your Internet-only service too.

What’s more, as a cord-cutter, you have a wide range of options like PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, and others that give you the same content as cable without all the hidden fees. The price you see is the price you pay!

Next time someone says it is cheaper to get a cable package deal, show them this article about how many hidden fees the cable company will be adding to that cheaper package.