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Does Ting sell your personal information?


Whether a member of the Ting team or the mayor of a Ting town, we put your questions in front of smart people.

Your personal information is safe with Ting

Honesty can be hard to come by, especially when it comes to big telcos. Tucows, Ting’s parent company, has a long history of advocating for and actively protecting consumer privacy. Monica Webb who handles government relations and other important things for Ting Internet, explains that Ting doesn’t sell your personal information. More, we don’t store anything we don’t have to and we don’t sniff traffic.

In fact, we lobby, agitate, and educate to promote and protect an open Internet around the world.

This passion has led us to actively support organizations and causes such as:

This is all to say that we want our customers to feel safe with Ting.