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The best educational robot kits in 2020

Robot kits: kids building robots

We’re just going to come out and say it. If you don’t love robot toys, you’ve lost your sense of wonder and we beg you to embrace your inner child. Robot toys are, in a word, awesome, and unlike many of today’s advanced robots, not terrifying. And the great thing is many of them are actually very educational learning aids. Robot butlers are so 1990. Here instead are the best educational robot kits.

Thames & Kosmos Robot Engineer – $49.95

Robot toys: Thames & Kosmos Robot Engineer

This was one of our favorites. This kids’ engineering robot kit is less of a single toy and more of an experience. You’ll start by joining your child in reading the beautifully illustrated storybook in which two kids build robots to help them solve problems in an automated candy factory. As they build these robots, your child will build them at the same time with large plastic pieces that are kid-friendly. Got a little one fascinated by how things work? This could be their new favorite thing. This educational toy is suitable for kids three-years-old and up. 

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Meccano-Erector Meccanoid G15 – $280

Robot kits: Meccano-Erector Meccanoid G15

Here’s a more advanced robot kit for older kids. Suggested for children ages 10 and up, the Meccanoid G15 utilizes over 600 parts and six motors, making it a great choice for kids with a real interest in robotics, engineering and other STEM fields. It’s programmable, can recognize commands, mimic movements and even be controlled by smart devices. You can also build the G15 into many forms other than the recognizable robot shape including a dinosaur, a dog and many others. This innovative product is excellent if you’re on the hunt for great STEM toys.

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Lego Boost Creative Toolbox – $160.00 and up

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

It’s always great when you can find educational toys from a name you know and trust. LEGO offers an intriguing STEM toy option this expansive kit. Kids will use nearly 850 lego pieces to build an interactive robot, cat, guitar, vehicle or automated production line that actually builds LEGO models. The increasing complexity of the builds lets your child progress at his or her own pace. Advanced features like distance, color and tilt sensors make for a truly interactive experience. Using a smartphone or tablet and the free LEGO app, kids will also receive an introduction to simple coding, programming their robot toys to perform different tasks. Recommended for kids age seven to 12. 

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Fisher-Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot – $59.99

Fisher-Price Code 'n Learn Kinderbot

You don’t have to wait until middle school to introduce your young one to coding. The Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot from Fisher-Price, recommended for kids three to six years old, is one of those robot toys that’s a great way to introduce younger children to the foundation of computing. Simple keys allow them to program a path whether on their own or following directions in their secret codebook. At the same time, they’ll learn the skills needed for kindergarten including colors and many simple mathematical concepts. 

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Modular Robotics Cubelets Robot Blocks – from $139.00

Robot toys: Modular Robotics Cubelets Robot Blocks

While all the educational robot kits on this list are great STEM toys, there’s something special about Modular Robotics’ Cubelets. This truly unique product consists of three types of cubes: sense blocks, think blocks and action blocks. Sense blocks receive input from cues like proximity and temperature, think blocks do calculations and action blocks provide output ranging from light to movement. Yep, the basics of computing. By combing different blocks in different arrangements, the possibilities for creating unique robot toys is almost endless. Another great thing is Cubelets grow with your child. Kids as young as four years old can discover the basics of robot building and coding while the more advanced Brilliant Builder Pack will teach children age 10 and older concepts like systems thinking, networks and parallel programming. 

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