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Share your #epicphonefails with Ting on social

Epic phone fails

We launched the results from our epic phone fails survey and we ended up with some interesting results. Now it’s your turn to share your biggest phone fails with Ting Mobile on social media.

We want to hear about your #epicphonefails: the text you shouldn’t have sent or the time you jumped in a pool with your brand new phone in your pocket. We want to hear your stories from way back in the day: the brick phone you tossed onto the counter (and missed) or the Motorola Razr you snapped in half.  

Where can I share?

Use the hashtag #epicphonefails on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or check out our thread on Reddit.

After you share, head to to see if your story made our highlight reel.

Are there any prizes?

We’re looking out for stories worthy of awesome prizes to help fix your hardware woes. We’re not going to say what we’re giving away just yet, but if you have a devastating hardware fail, like, say, running over your phone in the driveway, then you’ve got to share your #epicphonefails.

If you have screengrabs or photography of your phone fail, we want to see them!

Even if you don’t end up with a shiny new phone, the Ting Team will likely have some helpful tips to help you out.

Visit the website

Head to to see where we’ll be posting our favorites.