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Exciting news for Ting Mobile and Ting Mobile customers.

Dish plus Ting

DISH has teamed up with Ting Mobile to provide better choices and value in mobile. As of August 1, 2020, Ting Mobile customers are now part of the DISH family.  

Good news… There’s no migration happening. You don’t need a new phone, you still login to your account at or on the Ting Mobile app. Your coverage doesn’t change.

DISH and Ting Mobile’s thinking around what the future of mobile should be are very much in line. One of the many shared beliefs we’ve discovered over the years we’ve been talking to each other is that things could and should be a lot better for mobile customers than today’s mobile carriers make it. This is one of the things that attracted DISH to Ting Mobile. 

Customer Service

We hear you, Ting Mobile customers. Customer service is something you won’t compromise on. Nor will we. It’s why we have Ting Mobile people continuing to support you now and at the same time, share their technology and secrets for providing a great customer experience with the DISH team.  

Data Costs

Likewise, we’ve heard you loud and clear that data pricing is a pain point. We can absolutely help there. Stick around and find out how.

DISH + Ting Mobile

What we’re assuring you today is that the Ting Mobile you know and love is not going away. We are here to help improve this special thing you, Ting Mobile customers, and the Ting Mobile team have built over more than eight years. 

If you were happy with Ting Mobile yesterday and you’re happy with Ting Mobile today, you’ll be happy with Ting Mobile tomorrow… and we look forward to working with this team to ensure you’re even happier down the line.

Thanks for your business. We won’t take it for granted. We will work hard every day to earn your trust.  


John Swieringa
Group President & COO, DISH