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Find your perfect Android phone

With all the different smartphones available today, it can be hard to narrow it down to just one.

If you’ve already decided to pass on iOS in favour of the Android platform, finding that perfect phone is easier than you think. Whether you need a big screen because you work on the go, love taking pictures or are a gamer that needs a performance powerhouse, there’s an Android device out there with your name on it.

To make things easier, Google has a website to help you find the proper fit. It highlights new Android releases from a wide range of manufacturers and puts a focus on different features to help you choose the device right for you. For instance, there’s a section that features some of the best cameras available on Android phones, while another allows you to take a look at the newest tablets.

Thanks to the fact we offer mobile service on three of the nation’s largest and most reliable networks, nearly any phone you bring with you will work on Ting. Just to be safe, though, make sure to enter the phone’s IMEI number in our compatibility checker.

Of course, all phones on sale in the Ting shop are ready for use on any of our three LTE networks, so that’s always a great option if your preferred model is in stock.