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Five more tech YouTubers you need to watch

Tech YouTubers - Elon Musk and MKBHD talking on a sofa.
Header image source: Talking Tech with Elon Musk by MKBHD 

Last year, we put together a list of five of our favorite tech YouTubers but there was a problem with the article.

There are simply too many amazing creators in the tech space on YouTube, and by limiting ourselves to only five, we missed listing some of our absolute favorites..

That’s why the Ting team huddled up for a second time and selected five more of our favorite tech YouTubers that we turn to for all our technology news and reviews.

If we still haven’t mentioned your favorite creator (and we’ve definitely still missed some awesome ones), be sure to let us know who they are in the comments below! 


The first name on our list is a big one. Actually, a lot of people would probably tell you that it is the big one.

In fact, the only reason that Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, didn’t make our list the first time round is because he’s such a massive name. 

We’d assumed that it went without saying that he was one of the best and one of our favorites.

However, when we shared our first article we got a lot, and we mean A LOT, of comments asking why he wasn’t on the list. So, when we decided that we were putting another list together, we agreed that MKBHD had to be included.

Writing about how MKBHD is an amazing tech YouTuber is kind of like writing about how LeBron James is an amazing basketball player. It’s hard to know where to start. 

We could start with the fact that he has over 11 million subscribers.

Or that he has around 2 billion total views on his videos (yep, you read that right, that’s billion with a ‘b’).

Or even that he’s had some of the biggest names in tech featured in his videos, including the likes of Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. 

But instead, we wanted to highlight what we see as one of the most impressive things about MKBHD: he’s only 26! 

MKBHD uploaded his first video back in 2008, at the age of 13, asking people to comment on the mechanics and fundamentals of his golf swing. 

Things have come a long way since then and just a little over a decade later, MKBHD has moved into his own 3,000-square-foot studio where he produces some of the most-watched tech content in the world. 

So why do so many people, our team included, love his content?

Well, his videos are beautifully produced and shot. He’s knowledgeable, personable and insightful.

 It also certainly doesn’t hurt that he gets his hands on the best tech out there. 

Honestly, if you’re unfamiliar with MKBHD, you should just go check him out and see for yourself. 

Also, where have you been?


Moving onto another massive channel in the tech YouTubers space, let’s take a look at JerryRigEverything, the brilliant creation of Zack Nelson.

Nelson claims he took his love of repairing and turned it into “the most viewed cell phone repair channel on the Internet.”

And with over 5.5 million subscribers, that sounds about right.

Nelson began life on YouTube with Jeep and motorbike repairs but over time his channel evolved and he found that there was a massive appetite online for his technology reviews, how-to guides, and durability tests.

It’s with these durability tests that he really stands head and shoulders above the competition.

He is extremely thorough and not afraid to put a phone through its paces. His tests have covered everything from bending, burning, scratching, submerging and dropping devices. 

Basically, anything that you could ever do to your device, and more. 

But why stop at phones?

One of our favorite JerryRigEverything videos was when Nelson took a Tesla off-roading through the Alaskan Tundra to see how it held up.

Oh yeah, and there was that time he shot one

When you’re watching a JerryRigEverything video, you really get a feel for how passionate Nelson is about technology, DIY and repairs. And it’s infectious!

It’s his passion that makes Nelson, and his videos, an absolute delight to watch.

Erica Griffin

Erica Griffin introduces all her videos by describing herself as “the technology nerd who likes to film stuff” and we could think of no better way to begin our rundown of her as a creator.

Griffin is brilliantly, and unashamedly, nerdy. She loves all things tech, and seems to have a particular soft spot for Nintendo.

Heck, she even had some Zelda themed music playing at her wedding!

Griffin may not have as many subscribers as the previous two creators mentioned on our list, (she still has over 870,000, which is close to the population of San Francisco!) but don’t let that fool you. She stands toe to toe with the best in the business when it comes to knowledge of technology.

In fact, one of our favorite things about her channel is just how detailed she gets with her reviews. 

There is a tendency amongst some tech YouTubers to just give a quick overview of a phone’s specs, with a few cursory comments on any standout features. But since we’re all technology nerds ourselves here at Ting, this often leaves us wanting more.

That’s why we love Griffin. 

Her Insanely In-Depth reviews offer a complete overview of whatever it is she happens to be reviewing. For example, she has over 30 minutes of content purely dedicated to her review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. 

If that’s not in-depth, we don’t know what is.

Jon Rettinger 

Jon Rettinger is one of those creators who clearly loves making videos.

So much so in fact, that he sold the technology media company that he founded, TechnoBuffalo, after ten years of building it from the ground up so that he could refocus on creating videos.

And we’ve got to say, we’re thrilled that he did! 

Rettinger produces a whole range of technology news and reviews. Some are similar to the types of content that you may expect to see on a channel such as his, like his superb selection of comparison videos.

But some of his videos really break the mold. 

For example, instead of purely offering an initial review of some of the latest technology (which he does brilliantly, by the way) Rettinger also provides The Final Review

In this series, he provides a retrospective review of different devices and considers how they held up over time.

Recently, Rettinger also started his Rise Series. In these documentary-style videos, Rettinger tells some of the tech world’s untold stories as he analyses the rise and fall of various popular products. The series is beautifully produced and jam-packed with fascinating facts. 

Rettinger is a true thought leader in the industry, appearing on the Future Tech Awards’ Future 50, and this is one of the many reasons that we’re absolutely thrilled to sponsor some of his videos.

Brian Tong

If anyone out there was supposed to become a tech YouTuber, it just might be Brian Tong. 

Born in Cupertino, home of the Apple headquarters, Tong began his life working in tech with a retail job at Apple’s flagship store in Palo Alto. Some time later, he got a job at CNET and the rest, as they say, is history. 

During his time there, Tong was involved in producing some amazing content and even hosted his own game show, Prizefight, where popular technology products and services were pitted against one another.

In 2018, however, Tong took the leap and went independent.

Since then, his channel has gone from strength to strength, and we’ve seen him continue to produce captivating and high-quality content.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, given that his hometown is Cupertino, Tong really shines when it comes to discussing analyzing all things Apple, which he does so brilliantly on his Apple Bitz series on YouTube and his Apple Bitz XL podcast.

As with the other creators on this list, it’s blatantly obvious that Tong is in love with tech and geek culture and this, combined with his over 15 years of experience in the industry, make him a must-watch for anyone as obsessed with technology as we are. 

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