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Five things you didn’t know your iOS phone calculator could do

Do more with your phone calculator

Most of us use our smartphone calculator nearly every day. Maybe you use your calculator for splitting the bill at a restaurant or figuring out a quick tip at the hairdresser. Maybe you live with roommates and your phone calculator comes in handy for dividing up shared monthly bills.

We’re going to show you five little hacks that make this everyday tool that much more helpful.

1. Flip to landscape and your calculator becomes a scientific calculator.

For checking trig homework or doing more complex calculations with BEDMAS, you can easily turn your basic phone calculator into a scientific calculator. Just flip your phone to landscape.

phone calculator


2. Copy/paste figures directly from or into the calculator.

If you need to share a precise figure, you can copy and paste it directly from your smartphone calculator. Add important, exact totals to messages, emails, Google Docs and wherever else you need them.

phone calculator

3. Subtract and add percentages with ease. Just use the % button.

Type in the total amount then the minus/plus sign. Enter the % button and then =.

For example: 80 + 15% = 92. This is great for calculating tips on the go.

phone calculator

4. Swipe right to delete figures.

No need to hit C and start over entirely if you make an error. Just swipe to delete figures.

phone calculator

5. Divide by zero.

smartphone calculator