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Five things iPhone can do that Android can’t

five things iphone can do better

Why iPhone users stick around and keep buying Apple

While the launch of the iPhone X had Apple fans rejoicing, it left many Android users left thinking, Really?

With a hefty price tag and some competitive Android phones in the sub $200 range, what gives? Why do iPhone users stay so loyal to Apple year after year?

The truth is, Apple keeps users buying iPhone because of a handful of core features that Android just doesn’t have. Think iMessage.

We’re going to walk you through five things iPhone can do that Android can’t. Oh, and if you’re looking for five things Android can do that iPhone can’t, don’t panic, we’ve got that post here.


iPhone can do that Android can't

When you ask someone with an iPhone why they stick with Apple, iMessage is probably the first thing they’ll say.

The Apple-only messaging app works between Apple users and syncs across every device associated with a particular Apple ID. The app sends messages over cellular instead of as an SMS or MMS, and uses Wi-Fi when you’re connected to the Internet.

iMessage is expanding, launching new built-in features that build on the app’s usefulness. With iOS 10, Apple added Stickers, Screen Effects and the App Store to iMessage making the app more visual and allowing for playful responses with Gifs and apps like Bitmoji. In 2017 after iOS 11 came out, Apple launched the much anticipated Peer-to-Peer (P2P) money transfer feature to beta in early November. iPhone users will be able to send money via Apple Pay directly within iMessage.

Transfer using Quick Start

iPhone users are pretty much guaranteed a hassle-free transfer process if they choose to upgrade to a new iOS device.

With Apple’s Quick Start, all you need is your new device and your old device, no cords or computers required. Make sure both devices are turned on and close together and the Quick Start screen will appear on your old phone. Enter your Apple ID on your new device and an animation will appear. Capture the animation with your old phone’s camera and you’re all set. Your info, passwords, settings and more will be start to transfer over to your new phone.

iPhone can do that Android can't

Quick Start also works with devices like your Apple TV. While specific Android manufacturers like LG have launched transfer apps like LG Mobile Switch, Android has yet to come out with an OS wide wireless transfer method.


AirDrop is a native iOS feature that uses Bluetooth to share media between iOS devices. You canAirDrop between your Mac, iPhone and iPad, just make sure your computer is on Wi-Fi and you have Bluetooth enabled on your devices.

AirDrop lets iOS users quickly send media to friends and family or send photos from your phone to your computer to post or share online. When you enable Bluetooth on a device you can also limit and determine your visibility and make yourself known only to your trusted contacts.

iPhone can do that Android can't

Offload unused apps

In an effort to make de-bloating your iPhone easy, iOS 11 came with a feature called Offload. Offload lets you remove rarely used apps while still keeping app documents and data. Offloaded apps appear greyed-out on your home screen. You can install your apps again with just a tap. Offload works in the background but you can also choose to remove specific apps.

To enable Offload just go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Then enable Offload Unused Apps.

iPhone can do that Android can't

Share Wi-Fi passwords

A cool, everyday useful implication of iOS 11 is the ability to easily share Wi-Fi passwords with others.

Whether you’re a guest asking for the Wi-Fi password, or the host giving the password out, this transaction can be cumbersome, especially so if the password in question is particularly long or complex. With iOS 11, you can give someone a password to a network just by holding your phone up to someone else’s. The password will automatically transfer over. Just hit send password and you’re good to go.

iPhone can do that Android can't
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