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Family mobile plans: Why the Flex plan is great for families

A father, mother and daughter all look at the father’s phone as they sit together on a yellow sofa.

Having a family means you have to think differently. At Ting Mobile, we get it. We know that for families, it’s important to have the flexibility to take care of everyone’s needs, without breaking the bank. 

We had this in mind when we came up with the Flex plan. It’s one of the most affordable family mobile plans in America, and will provide you with the service—and savings—that your family needs.

It’s flexible, comes with our fantastic customer service and coast-to-coast coverage, AND you’re not locked into a contract.

Interested? You can try Ting Mobile for free.

Not sure if it’s for you yet? Here’s why it’s a fantastic family plan.

1. Great savings

How much is this going to cost? That question is always going to be top of mind when you’re looking for family mobile plans. Well, great news! The Flex plan is wallet-friendly. 

That’s because the Flex plan lets you customize your service to fit your needs. It’s $10/month per line to get unlimited talk and text. Then you can add data as needed for $5 per GB of LTE or 5G data.

But that’s not all. The Flex plan lets you share data with the whole family, across lines.

A phone on a table shows Ting's Flex plan, which is the perfect family mobile plan!

For example, say there’s a family of three who needs 4GBs of data. Each family member would share and get access to that data. So, if Parent A uses 2GBs and Parent B uses 1.5GB, then this’ll leave Child A, who could just be using a phone for emergencies, with 0.5GB to use when they need it. Simple.

With the Flex plan, their bill would only be $50! 

This is great because it’s easy to manage data usage these days, and doing so will save you a ton of money each month.

With other companies, you would have to pay for extra data for every person you add to your family mobile plan. But not everyone is going to use the same amount. So why pay for unused data?

2. The Flex plan is … well, flexible.   

Worried that even though it sounds like a great family mobile plan, it might not work for your family? Don’t worry. We want to make it as easy as possible for you, so if you end up needing more data, you can change it depending on your needs. 

Also, you’re not locked into anything. We have no contracts. Don’t need any. We’re that confident you’ll love our service. 

3. No fuss

We keep things simple. With our coast-to-coast coverage, no matter where you are, you’ll be connected. That’s because we use the same networks as the bigger guys, so you can expect the same reliability.    

Still not convinced? Well, how’s this.

Since we’re a smaller carrier, we don’t need robots to do the talking for us. Our top-rated customer service is given by real humans.

We give you the best of both worlds—big carrier quality with small carrier charm.

Ting's customer service is top-rated, no robots, just real humans.

Think Ting Mobile sounds like it has great family mobile plans and want to try it out? Well, we’ve got more great news for you. You can bring your current phone (as long as it’s compatible with our network) and get started with Ting Mobile today!

Alternatively, if you’re in the market for an upgrade, the latest and greatest phones can all be found over on our shop.