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Four ways to free up space on your iPhone

free up space

Constantly finding yourself running out of space on your iPhone? No more apps to delete? Never fear, Ting is here!

Free up space on your iPhone by cleaning out your storage with these four unique tricks. While some of these might seem bizarre and the results may vary, they totally work.

1. Clear the App Store’s cache

Head over to the App Store and tap any of the bottom menu buttons ten times in order to force the store to clean out any saved temporary files.

2. Clear Safari’s history and web data

Access Safari’s setting screen from the Settings App, then locate Clear History and Website Data. Tap it and confirm that you want to clean up this data.

3. Limit message history

Access the settings for Messages in the Settings App. Locate Message History and tap it. This feature lets you delete messages after a select amount of time has passed.

4. The movie rental trick™

Find a movie larger than the space left on your phone in iTunes. Double-tap the Rent button (don’t worry, you won’t be renting anything). A message will appear to notify you that you don’t have enough available storage space on your device to download the rental. Tap OK and see instant results!

Which trick saved you the most space?

Let us know in the comments. We’ve got more tips and tricks for iOS on the Ting blog.

What is Ting Mobile anyway?

What is Ting Mobile anyway?

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