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Frequently asked questions about Ting and the government shutdown

As we all start to digest the possible near and long term effects of the government shutdown, a lot of people are understandably asking, “How does all this affect my Ting service?!” In an effort to avoid widespread panic, we thought it might be a good idea to address a few of the likeliest questions.

Where is Ting located? The Grand Canyon? Statue of Liberty?

No. In fact, over the past twelve hours, we have moved our entire operation to Toronto, Canada to avoid any impact at all on our employees and customers. The people here are very nice and real estate is relatively…wait, I’m being told now that we’ve always been in Toronto, Canada. Boom! We were way out ahead on that one.

Is Ting reconsidering its promise to “make sense” now that the whole concept of making sense has been rejected at such high levels of the federal government?

We have indeed done a lot of soul searching and a lot of brainstorming. There was some momentum late last night behind “Mobile that holds its constituents hostage unless it gets exactly what it wants.” A small faction here favored “Mobile that earns your trust to do an important job and then simply doesn’t do it.” For now, we are going to stick with “Mobile that makes sense” mostly because it fits so cleanly into our top nav.

Does the shutdown mean that all currently held contracts with other carriers are now null and void?!

Settle down, people. This is a brief display of political gamesmanship, not a biblical event. If you want to get out of your contract, you will likely need to pay an early termination fee (ETF). However, we can help by reimbursing you 25% of your ETF up to $75 per device in the form of a Ting service credit. (See what I did there?)

Will Ting service still be available to military personnel, postal workers and the elderly?

Absolutely. We love all those guys. And just this week, we have also extended service to forest rangers, jugglers and comic book villains, making us the only truly universal affordable mobile phone service.

Can Ting do anything to help with the rising cost of healthcare?

I’ll tell you what. Call us at 1 855 TING FTW and cough into the phone. We’ll do our best to diagnose you for free.