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Get the new Ting Android skin!

Update: Just to be clear, we were kidding about the Ting skin. Happy April 1 🙂

android_screen_360Everybody gather ’round. We’ve got some great news to share.

Today, we’re launching our own custom carrier modifications to Android. We’re pre-installing several awesome and useful apps on all devices before they leave the Ting warehouses.

Think of this as the Ting skin for Android devices. Our developer team has been gestating this particular baby for nine months and so it’s based on the foundation of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Not running Ice Cream Sandwich? Don’t worry! The installer will automatically migrate your device running Jelly Bean or Kit Kat over to ICS. If you’re running an older version of Android, you’ll have 30 full days to buy a new phone before support for your device ends!

Another branch of our developer team started working on the Jelly Bean update just a couple of short months after Jelly Bean was released. We expect to release the Jelly Bean version of the Ting skin before the end of Q1 2015.

When the next Android version is released (Lollipop?), we’ll move the best minds from the team working on our Ice Cream Sandwich fork over to brainstorm whether we should consider thinking about possibly supporting the newest version.

Ready to download the Ting Android skin now? You don’t have to do anything! We’ll be rolling out the Ting skin to existing customers with Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher today! We’ve made the entire process seamless! You don’t even need to click “OK!” The whole process happens automagically over the mobile data network! No need to opt in!

Hot new features of the Ting Skin include (but are not limited to) the following. A brief outline of each app follows the bullet list.

  • Ting Splash Screen
  • Ting Music Store
  • Ting App Store
  • Ting Wallpaper Store
  • Ting Ringtone Store
  • Ting Remote
  • Ting Account Center

Ting Splash Screen

Get a nifty Ting logo animation every time your phone reboots (whether user-initiated or otherwise)! While the Ting Skin is in beta, you’ll be seeing a lot of this screen.

Ting Music

Ting Music Store
Get the latest hits from the artists of yesterday. As the Ting Music Store app grows in popularity, we’ll endeavor to sign today’s artists too!

Download any or all of the hundreds of songs in the Ting Music Store library for just $1.99 each! Play songs as many times as you want, any time, right on your phone*.

Ting Apps

Taking the place of the Google Play Store on your phone, the Ting App Store offers a huge selection of over 1,000 apps! Choose from perennial favorites like MySpace, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN Live Bing and 997 more.

You don’t even have to register a credit card! Downloads will automatically appear on your Ting bill.

We’re also revealing our Ting SDK** today so developers can jump onboard.

Ting Wallpaper Rental

Get stunning high-resolution*** wallpapers to completely customize your homescreen! Wallpapers download in mere minutes and can be used for up to three days.

Ting Ringtone Store

More than 20% of the songs available in the Ting Music Store are also available as a ringtone. Better still: If you’ve already purchased a song, you get a 50% discount on the ringtone****!

Ting Remote

If your device has an IR blaster and a remote control app, it’s been rebranded! The Ting Remote is entirely free***** and lets you change the channel, adjust the volume and take complete****** control of your home theater gear.

Ting Account Center

The Ting account control panel has been completely redesigned to be super light on data. The new text-only control panel features ASCII line graphs to help you gauge your usage in real time*******.

If for whatever reason you don’t want to receive these completely free add-on apps, you can opt-out here.

* In the Ting Music app.
** Ting developer SDK available for the introductory price of $97
*** 800x480px. $0.99 per wallpaper download
**** Applies to first purchase only
***** “Free” refers to trial version that lets you change the channel or adjust the volume on up to two devices up to three times per hour
****** Partial
******* Please allow up to 72h for usage levels to update in app.