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Celebrating Gimme Fiber Day!

Gimme Fiber Day Fiberglass cables carry lightning speeds.

This year has really been one for the books. One thing we know for sure is that strong communities and connections cannot be taken for granted. This year, on Gimme Fiber Day, we want to pause for a moment and reflect on how fiber keeps us moving (yep, we make jokes like that around here) and what we are actively doing to help more people get access to Crazy Fast Fiber Internet® in the US.

Gimme Fiber Day

Gimme Fiber Day is an annual event created to celebrate the undisputed power of fiber in communities around the world. While a celebration, it’s also a day to bring attention to what else needs to be done in the realm of policy and development to make further advancements in the field and get more people access to this incredible, sustainable and groundbreaking product. 

The day itself is celebrated on the birthday of Nobel Prize winner, Sir Charles Kuen Kao, who changed the way the world communicates by transmitting light through glass fiber. Though Sir Kao died in 2018, his legacy lives on as we all build upon and benefit from his lifelong work. 

At Ting Internet, we see fiber as the best way to get people connected and help communities and their businesses flourish.

“Having a Ting fiber optic network in the Charlottesville area is a critical infrastructure that attracts businesses, retains a strong workforce and is key to our economic success. Fiber is the fabric that connects Charlottesville’s economy and helps local businesses compete on the national and international stage.” 

  • Kara Chandeysson, City Manager in Charlottesville, VA

Fiber is transformative, we truly believe that.

Ting Towns

Everyone on our team sees the Internet access as an essential service and we are happy to be in the business of bringing this essential service into people’s homes. 

“The importance of fiber Internet in our towns is crucial to the economic growth and development of our communities. Having fiber Internet is a key factor for our customers to stay connected in an ever increasing digital workplace and reliable fiber Internet is critical to the brick and mortar businesses of our community – who need quality service both in product and customer support to run their businesses efficiently and effectively. Ting Internet’s mission is to provide reliable service with top notch customer support to power the ever increasing digital households of today. We just don’t talk the talk, we walk the walk.” 

– Todd Rubin, Regional Manager for North Carolina markets

In our Ting Towns, we do our best to make sure everyone gets and stays connected. We build strong infrastructure and foster community relationships in parallel – it’s how we stay true to our purpose and vision. Our team has been working with the community and with city officials in Ting Towns across the country to create drive-up free Internet access points, raise money for local charities and bring Internet access to public spaces, like Ting Park in Holly Springs.  

“Our team in Charlottesville has volunteered at the local food bank, for the United Way and most recently made 3D printed face shields for our first responders! We not only care about building a future-proof fiber optic network, we are passionate about serving our community. Every day, I’m able to work with people who share the same passion – connecting people and providing best-in-class customer service.”

  • Kara Chandeysson, City Manager in Charlottesville, VA

It’s true, we actually love the work we do—and truly walk the walk. At Ting Internet, and our parent company Tucows, we support organizations such as the Internet Infrastructure Coalition, Fight for the Future and Demand Progress as we continue the fight for a free and open Internet and promote net neutrality.

Benefits of fiber

It being the perfect day for it, we obviously want to take a moment to appreciate fiber for all the value it adds to our lives. 

“Having a fiber network in Centennial is changing the quality of life in a positive way. Taking away the frustrations of buffering and latency while you’re trying to work from home, game, stream TV content and conduct school remote learning is priceless. The importance of families being able to connect online all at the same time without interruption is invaluable. Ting Internet is not only crazy fast, it’s also making families crazy happy.” 

  • Mark Gotto, City Manager in Centennial, CO

Why do we love fiber so much? It’s stronger, faster and more reliable than copper. It’s also cleaner and more sustainable. We call it future-proof because as communities grow, so do their needs and consumption. We know that fiber is able to meet these needs without compromising quality and without breaking a sweat. We also just think fiber is… really cool.

“Having fiber Internet in Westminster makes our town super special – we’re moving forward and helping people be more productive. I love working for Ting Internet because we all value new ideas and creativity. We do whatever it takes to get people connected to fiber! It’s so awesome to see how the speed of light actually moves across glass to bring Internet into people’s homes and it’s great to be a part of that!” 

– Valerie Giovagnoni, City Marketing Manager in Westminster, MD

Gimme fiber!

We can go on and on about fiber (and we’ve been known to do so) and about the power of a free and open Internet but the main thing we want to get across to you today, on Gimmie Fiber Day, is to remind you that we are proud to be in the fiber business and look to the future with hope and optimism. We are constantly growing and looking at ways to innovate – whether it’s in how we install customers during a pandemic or in how we can expand service and product offerings. Keep an eye out for us. We can’t wait to continue our work and bring fiber to towns across the nation – and hopefully, directly to you.