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Give the gift of sanity
Mobile that makes sense… for the kids

If you’ve got teenaged children, they’re probably already asking you for a phone for the holidays. I’ve gifted a few myself over the years. It always felt weird though: Handing someone a smartphone with an expensive monthly plan and a side of onerous legalese seems like a strange gift.

Going another route, you give them the device and take on the monthly bill yourself or put the new phone under the family plan. Also less than ideal for obvious reasons.

Our own clear biases aside, Ting really does make a great gift. When you give someone a Ting device, they actually own said device. There are no contracts, no monthly minimums and no hassles. The Ting pay for what you use approach is perfect for the young’uns as their actual usage is tied to their monthly bill.

Or yours…

A device can be added to an existing plan for $6 a month plus whatever additional usage it incurs. For light users (notably, probably not a teenager) they might not even push your account in to the next bucket for minutes, messages or megabytes. In this somewhat enviable case, their usage effectively costs $0. School the kids on the benefits of using Wi-Fi wherever possible and hook them up with Google Voice for calls and you tip the odds in your favor.

Another approach is to use Ting’s dashboard alerts which let you set individual caps for minutes, messages and megabytes of data; if the kids hit their cap, these services can be turned off individually and automatically without affecting other devices on the account. This way, you can effectively set a spending limit for the month on an individual device level.

You can even disable voice, text messaging and / or data outright as well as turn off international calling, tethering, MMS messaging and whatever else you see fit from within the Ting dashboard.

We’ve heard from some in the Ting community that they hand out mobile service like allowance: Do all your chores, get 1,000 text messages or 100MB of data for the month, for example. Sounds like a pretty smart idea and the Ting dashboard gives you the tools to do things like this.

The point we’re driving at here is this: There’s more to consider when giving a mobile phone as a gift than the raw device cost. Ting’s metered pay for what you use approach gives you the administrative control you need in order to ensure your kids’ newest toy doesn’t put the family in the poorhouse.

Check out the Ting device lineup to find the perfect device.

Half price express shipping for the holidays

Until the online holiday shopping window closes, we’ve cut the price of express shipping in half, from $25 down to $12.50. We’ve also compiled the ground shipment averages for a few geographically dispersed areas to offer some insight into (free) ground shipping times.

Is someone on your list asking for a phone for the holidays? Are you going to oblige? Let us know in the comments below!

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