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My week with Google Pixel 5 (an honest Pixel 5 review)

Pixel 5 on a table with a notebook

Hey there!

My name is Tony, and I’m the Senior Partnership Marketing Manager at Ting Mobile. I know it’s a mouthful, but all it means is that I’m the guy who’s in contact with the companies we work with–from the stores we sell SIM cards in to the phone manufacturers whose products we sell. So while I’m going to make sure to point out that I think all the phone brands we sell are excellent, the fact is my chosen model is the Google Pixel. I currently use a Pixel 4XL, so having me do a Pixel 5 review was a no brainer given my preference for Pixel phones over other brands.  At just $699 in the Ting Shop, I was fascinated to see what the new model could do.

First Impressions

The simplicity of a stock Android without the addition of apps I don’t need and won’t use really appeals to me.  Transferring data my previous phone (apps, photos, contacts etc.) was seamless. With very little effort, I had a fully functioning new device to use with all my past settings and preferences intact.

At 6”, the Pixel 5 screen is undoubtedly large enough for most people. Coming from the Pixel 4XL’s 6.3” display, it did feel a bit small to me. To be fair, I’m just used to the slightly larger screen size.  

The Pixel 5 edge-to-edge display is certainly an improvement over that of the Pixel 4XL.  It has a nice minimal bezel as opposed to the larger bezel of the Pixel 4XL.  It seems much more sleek and less bulky, and with a thinner overall design than the Pixel 4XL, I felt a noticeable difference when holding both phones in my hand.  Weight and overall comfort in my hand was much more pleasing using the Pixel 5 than the somewhat oversized Pixel 4XL.  But I guess you learn to live with that if you want a phone with a very large screen!


Being one of the most important features in a phone for many buyers, I’m happy to report the during my Pixel 5 review I found the camera to be one of the best I’ve ever used. And remember, I’ve been using Pixels and their top-rated cameras since the Pixel 3. The Night Sight mode is a great feature they included with the Pixel 3, so I’m glad to see it’s continuation in the Pixel 5.  You can take some incredibly clear pics with Night Sight and the Pixel 5 offers a cool feature where it automatically detects when that mode is required.  (See some cool night time images I took while visiting my cottage).

With Pixel 5, Google has added an ultra-wide lens. This is great because it allows you to capture more of a scene and larger groups without having to be too far away from your subject(s). Overall, Pixel 5 definitely does not disappoint in the camera department. Its camera set remains one of the best on the market.

Performance and Features

The Pixel 5 performed excellently, allowing me to navigate and use my phone and apps with little to no delay in response time. I’m pretty good at not having multiple apps running at once, but it was still easy to tell the phone had processing power to spare. The Pixel 5 met all my expectations from a performance standpoint.


I would say one noticeable advantage Pixel 5 has over the Pixel 4XL, is battery life.  I, alongside many Pixel 4XL users, have been disappointed in the battery life.  On average, I barely get a full day’s use from my Pixel 4XL before needing to recharge.  It’s the biggest drawback to the Pixel 4XL and the Pixel 5 has thankfully addressed that.  The increased battery size really makes a difference.  I easily got through a full day and sometimes almost two days (depending on usage) while doing my Pixel 5 review.  It’s a huge plus for the Pixel 5; Google got it right this time.  And the fact that the Pixel 5 supports wireless charging and reverse wireless charging (charging another wireless charging-enable phone or accessory from the Pixel 5’s battery) as well are nice features I have grown to use more and more. 


On the security side of things, Google has chosen to go with fingerprint unlock with Pixel 5.  While I preferred using face recognition on my Pixel 4XL, I do concede that fingerprint unlock is handier in the age of face masks.  My recommendation for the fingerprint unlocking is to ensure you register one finger on each hand so if you are holding your phone in either hand, there is no need to switch hands to unlock it.  


The 5G feature is of course a notable addition to the Pixel 5. I’m not in an area with 5G coverage so I couldn’t really tell you how it performed in that arena.  But if 5G is important to you and if you are looking to future-proof your next phone purchase, with its great feature list and affordable price tag Pixel 5 is a smart choice for sure.


The Pixel 5 is a great phone.  It’s sleek, slim, light and offers a great screen size.  The edge to edge display is a nice improvement. Google has certainly added some nice improvements, most noticeably the battery life which was much needed.  The camera remains one of the best in the market.  

So what’s the conclusion of my week-long Pixel 5 review? Well, I really enjoyed my time with the phone. At $699 in the Ting Shop, anyone looking for a pure Android experience with 5G capability at an affordable price will find that Pixel 5 hits the mark. With Ting Mobile, you’ll be able to pair your new phone with your choice of affordable plans designed to fit you, coast-to-coast 4G LTE coverage and some of the best 5G coverage available, all with no contract.