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Google Play Updates and Bug Fixes

Google Play logoIt wasn’t long ago that Google rebadged the Android Market as Google Play, without much fanfare and with some user confusion.

Since this update and rebadge hit, you may have noticed some little bugs that weren’t quite ironed out before the Google Play Android app was released into the wild. Stuff like apps getting stuck in an update cycle and other assorted (though small scale) weirdness.

In addition to bug fixes, version 3.5.15 of the Google Play app brings a new tab where you can see every app you’ve downloaded. In the All tab you can also check to see if you have the latest versions for all your apps and can re-download any apps you’ve uninstalled.

Another welcome addition is the improved user reviews where, in addition to other tweaks, you can see the type of device the reviewer is using. You can also filter reviews by your device type to get an accurate idea of how an app will perform on your hardware.

You can manually install the Google Play update to 3.5.15 by following the link from DroidLife. Otherwise, sit tight and await the over the air update which is rolling out now.

Check which version of Google Play you’re currently running by opening the app, tapping the Menu key and choosing Settings. At the bottom of the settings screen, you’ll see your “Build version.”