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Got Five Friends?
Get a Free HTC Detail from Ting

Illustration - Family of five: Four holding smartphones, one sad looking kid on the right without. Poor guy.

Illustration - Family of five: Four holding smartphones, one sad looking kid on the right without. Poor guy.If you’ve got five friends, a family or colleagues who aren’t opposed to having a little fun, you’re half way there already. Buy four smartphones sharing pooled minutes, messages and megabytes under one Ting account between now and March 31, 2012. Snap a pic of you and your cohorts that is your closest approximation of this one, share it on our Facebook event page and Ting will give you a fifth smartphone to fill the hands of that sad looking person on the right, the HTC Detail*, for the low, low price of, well, nothing.

Note: It’s OK if you don’t have an epic beard and a slicked do. It’s OK if you don’t have two kids with a penchant for wearing turtlenecks. Just do your best to match the overall look and feel of the pic and you’re golden. This promotion is open to families, businesses, friends… anyone that’s not opposed to sharing a plan.

You might need a sixth friend or colleague to snap the picture. If your social network is a little sparse, a tripod plus a camera with self timer function will work too and as an added benefit, no bribes are required.

  1. Buy four smartphones from Ting under one account
  2. Gather your friends, family or business partners and snap a pic of you doing your best approximation of this pose
  3. Share your pic on the Ting HTC Detail Give-Away Event page wall on Facebook
  4. Profit – which is to say, we’ll send you a free HTC Detail to share minutes, messages and megabytes on your Ting account

As Ting doesn’t currently support multiple device purchases at once, you’ll have to purchase your new smartphones one at a time.

The legal stuff: Short version, if you’re cool to us, we’ll be cool to you. Slightly longer version: Ting reserves the right to change or update the details of this promotion at any time or to disqualify any entrant for any reason. We’re not likely to do so but our lawyers assure us we need to reserve these rights just in case someone decides to try to spoil the party.

* To qualify for this offer, four smartphones must ber purchased on or before March 31, 2012. If you decide to return any of the four smartphones for a refund (as opposed to replacement), the HTC Detail must also be returned. Offer available to new or existing Ting customers. Users must upload a picture to the Facebook event page for this promotion to receive the free HTC Detail smartphone.