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Use these Halloween emojis for spooky texting

Halloween emojis and more

Halloween stickers and emojis help make spooky season extra special

Everyone knows that Halloween is the time to curl up on the sofa (or hide behind it) and watch your favorite scary movie, as well as play some terrifying Halloween games. But why not make this year feel extra spooky with Halloween emojis?

This October, sprinkle your messages with some Halloween emojis and share the scare with whoever you’re messaging .

Cause for celebration? Send a Halloween cupcake. Feeling sleepy? Say it with a zombie. Cooking up a storm? A cauldron should do the trick.

There are loads of fun Halloween emojis for different internet browsers, iOS and Android. We couldn’t include them all but here are some of our favorites.

JoyPixels for Chrome

Chrome add-on, JoyPixels (formerly EmojiOne) has some – dare we say, pretty? – Halloween emojis you can use all year round. Their Halloween Party sticker pack is pretty pricey at $29 but it comes with cute pumpkins, monsters and creepy bugs. Our faves are the sugar skull and candy corns – clearly better used as emojis than a food source. 

Various Halloween emojis from JoyPixels including a skull and mummy.


Bitmoji allows you to create a couple of creepy versions of your avatar. Just search Halloween to find them. Here’s zombie Christine and vampire Christine.

emoji stickers
Halloween emojis from Bitmoji, showing our writer Christine as a zombie and vampire

A few years back, Bitmoji teamed up with Snapchat and launched costumes for your Bitmoji. Make sure you keep your eye on Snapchat this month so that you don’t miss out!

If you don’t have Bitmoji linked to Snapchat already, you definitely should. Linking gets you special features like friendmoji where you can include yourself and a friend in an image when you chat. With Halloween coming up, the potential costume combinations are endless.

Halloween emojis from Bitmoji showimg two femla bitmojis celebrating

Linking Bitmoji to Snapchat is easy. Just open Snapchat, tap your profile icon at the top of the camera screen and tap Bitmoji and then tap Create Bitmoji.

Check out our app review of Bitmoji below. Bitmoji is free in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store.


Halloween emojis for iOS

We really love the Pumpkin Emoji Stickers pack ($0.99) which is a kind of like a classic emoji pack, but instead of a yellow cartoon face, basic emotions (think happy, sad, surprised) are represented with a jack-o’-lantern.

If you’re something of a sticker connoisseur, and looking for a larger range of Halloween emojis, we’d recommend the Halloween Sticker Bundle Pack, which is again just $0.99.

This bundle includes three different apps, namely Pumpkin Face, Halloween Monster Stickers and Creepy Cats, so you’re essentially getting three different emoji sets for the price of one.

Halloween emojis for Android

Like iOS, Android has a bunch of free Halloween sticker options available on the Google Play Store. You can find bigger packs if you’re willing to spend a dollar or two. Browse through Google Play and see which ones suit your style. You can spend a bit for a pack with flashier art.

We had the most fun playing around with Halloween Stickers by Sticker Family. The app is free in Google Play and the art is cartoonish and cute. It doesn’t have the most extensive range but we’re sure that you’ll find something to creep up your conversations.

Halloween emojis from Sticker Family including a pumpkin, vampire and bat.

Find an awesome Halloween sticker pack?

Let us know in the comments.