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Head to Head: Telegram vs WhatsApp

Welcome to Head to Head, a brand new Ting YouTube series powered by you!

Every second week, two mobile apps face off and it’s up to our viewers to decide which will emerge victorious. We’ll be selecting two comparable apps from categories without a clear frontrunner, which should make for some close fights and great conversation. If you aren’t familiar with either app, don’t sweat it! Several aspects of each app will be listed to give you some insight and help decide which is your fave. We’ve added some nifty annotations inside YouTube to let you vote by clicking on the app of your choice at the end of the video. One week later, we’ll publish a results video highlighting the winning app! Update: The results are in!


We’re also giving away two Ting windbreakers for this episode. To enter:

  1. Be a Ting subscriber.
  2. Pick your favorite app (Telegram or WhatsApp) in the “Head to Head” video
  3. Comment on the “Thanks for voting” video telling us why it’s your favorite!

The lucky winners are Joseph G and Ameer L!

For the first episode, we’ve paired a well-known app against a rising star. What messaging app would you choose, WhatsApp or Telegram?

The votes are in.

Find out which messaging app came out on top!


Know of two comparable apps that should face off? Let us know in the comments!