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Holly Springs, meet City Manager, Todd Rubin

Ting Guy


Meet Ting’s new City Manager for Holly Springs, Todd Rubin.

He wants to be known around town as the “Ting Guy.” So as the face of Ting, he’ll be attending community events and he’ll be sparking conversations about high-speed fiber Internet. He’ll be the one to talk to if you’re curious about the work Ting is doing here in Holly Springs. He’ll also be liaising with local government, utilities and other representatives so things continue to run smoothly with the network roll-out.

He certainly has his work cut out for him as fiber network construction has begun and pre-orders continue to flow in. But we feel Todd’s got what it takes to be an outstanding ambassador for the Ting brand — as well as for the town of Holly Springs — since he’s passionate about both.

“This town is a flashback to early America.”

He and his wife moved their young family here from New York about a year ago. Though picking up and moving to Holly Springs may seem a bit random, they’re pleased with the decision because it’s been such an enriching experience.

“My wife and I sat down at the computer one cold day in New York and googled ‘Best places to raise a family on the east coast’ and Holly Springs came up in our search. We drove down one weekend to visit the area and fell in love with North Carolina and what it has to offer. Going to the World Beer Festival didn’t hurt as well,” he joked. “I love living in this great state and specifically living and raising a family in Holly Springs. The quality of life here is awesome, the community is fantastic and everyone is genuine and sincere.”

He says this town is a flashback to early America, and we agree. As we’ve said before, there’s something unique about Holly Springs.

Why Ting?

Todd initially heard of Ting from friends. Those he’s spoken with want high-speed Internet without having to deal with the hassles created by the large telecoms in the area. He’s experienced what he calls “nightmarish issues” with a few providers himself so he knows first hand how frustrating it can be. He understands why the people of Holly Springs are demanding better service and knows Ting will deliver the excellent customer care they deserve.

Most importantly, he feels strongly about Ting’s role in the continued growth of the town he’s come to know and love. He’s enthusiastic and ready to dive right in.

“We are going to knock it out of the park,” Todd said, hinting to his love of sports.

Opening Pitch Challenge

In an earlier conversation with some colleagues, Todd challenged Adam’s opening pitch for the Salamanders by suggesting a competition to see who could do it better. When asked how confident he is that he can out-pitch Adam’s pitch, he replied, “I used to pitch for my little league team when I was younger. I had great speed on my pitches but my location was erratic. This is why you do not see me pitching for my favorite team, The New York Mets. I am pretty confident I can out-pitch Adam. I think he was a little too nervous coming in. I would just go out there and let it rip.”

Will Todd be able to overcome the erratic inconsistencies that plagued the pitching arm of his youth, or will Adam’s pitch reign supreme? We’ll keep you posted. But in the meantime, if you see him out and about town, be sure to say hello!