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How to get free Wi-Fi? Get the WeFi app

how to get free wifi

Wondering how to get free Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi is everywhere if you have the right tool to find it. Wondering how to get free Wi-Fi? Download the WeFi app | Android | iOS | and bring their database of quality free Wi-Fi connections everywhere you go.

Ever been out and about looking for a quality Wi-Fi connection, then wasting a bunch of time getting on a free network only to find that the connection is terrible? This app for free Wi-Fi helps you assess network availability and quality before you get online. With WeFi, you can choose the network that works best for you and find free Wi-Fi near your location.

If you’re a current Ting customer, we want to hear how you like WeFi. We’re considering integrating WeFi’s features into the Ting app. Let us know in the comments if a Wi-Fi finding feature would be something you’d use.

On Wi-Fi a lot?

On Ting, when you connect to Wi-Fi and use less mobile data, you save on your monthly mobile bills. A few changes to your mobile habits can go a long way. In fact, some of our customers pay as little as $9/mo on Ting, by downloading all their content while they’re on Wi-Fi and using Wi-Fi to make calls and message friends and family.

If you’re on Wi-Fi a lot, and like the sounds of a $9 phone bill, you’ve got to check out our Ting pricing.