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How to save money for your family with three small changes to your life.

How to save money on your mobile bill

Having a family is rewarding, but it’s also expensive! You certainly won’t be alone if you’ve spent hours online looking up phrases like “how to save money” or “why are children so darn expensive.” So, to save you time, we’ve compiled a list of three simple ways that you could save hundreds of dollars a month, without having to make big changes to your life. 

1. Manage your memberships and subscriptions

Wondering how to save money? Start by asking yourself the tough questions: “Do I really need Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, and Prime Video?” “Am I getting all I can out of the deluxe gym membership?” “Does my son really want to play the oboe?” 

Monthly costs for services and memberships may seem low, but they can—and do—quickly add up and drain your piggy bank! Managing these services is a great way to rack up savings.  

Start by tracking which services you’re signed up for. There are several apps, such as Truebill, that’ll help you track your subscriptions and memberships. 

Next, look for where these services can be trimmed or canceled. No need to make big changes—a little goes a long way. For instance, if there are tiers of membership at your gym, see if you’d be happy with going down to a less expensive one. Or, if several subscriptions offer a similar service, like Netflix and Hulu, figure out which one you use more, or has your favorite shows, and cancel the other one.

We all go through phases where we subscribe to something for a one-time use or because we want to try something new. By simply monitoring these services and making adjustments based on what we use the most, the savings can really add up! 

2. Switch to a smaller mobile provider

Mobile service, after all, is just another monthly subscription. People, however, tend not to think of switching providers when they’re wondering how to save money because having mobile coverage is a necessary part of our day-to-day life.

Plus, it feels like there aren’t many options. There are only a few major providers who all offer pretty similar rates and packages. Right?


Smaller cell phone companies have the best plans for families looking for amazing service on a budget. They also give you more options and have the same great quality.

A father, mother and daughter all look at the father’s phone as they sit together on a yellow sofa.

Truth is, there are more options for mobile providers than many of us realize. Especially when you start learning about the benefits of MVNOs. MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator, and it’s when a smaller mobile company, like Ting Mobile, uses the network infrastructure of a larger company, or larger companies. 

This means that MVNOs are able to save money on all the network maintenance and upkeep costs, and are able to pass those savings on to you! This means that they can charge as little as $10/month for service, and you’ll get the same quality of service.  

Switching to a smaller mobile provider is simple. It’ll save you money, give you a better experience, and you still get the same network and quality as a bigger provider—so definitely look into it

3. Get coupons virtually

Remember the days of painstakingly snipping out coupons one at a time? Well, no more. If you’re wondering how to save money, then it’s time to put the scissors down and hop online.  

Many of us do our shopping online. To help us out, plenty of sites have taken the coupon game online. For instance, Honey is a popular service that’s free. It automatically finds and applies coupons to your online orders. This is an easy way to increase your monthly savings, and there are plenty of other services like it. 

Keep in mind that free services like Honey make their money by selling your data and shopping habits. So it isn’t completely free. You’re actually paying with your data. If this doesn’t bother you, then it’s a simple way to save!

Saving money is all about making small changes. By paying attention to monthly subscriptions, checking out smaller mobile providers like Ting Mobile, and looking for virtual coupon services, you can save money without changing your lifestyle!