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How to watch sports without cable

Watch sports as a cord cutter

how to watch sports without cable

How to watch sports without cable

One of the main reasons people have for not wanting to cut the cable TV cord completely is that they don’t want to miss out on their favorite sports. Yet now, there are numerous options available for cord cutters to watch everything from golf to the NFL. With only a little work to set it up, many different sports are easy to access over the air or online without paying for cable TV.

We’re going to show you how to watch sports without cable in the U.S. so you never miss a game or match.

Sling TV for ESPN Content

The first thing you’ll need in order to access ESPN is Sling TV. With their basic $20 package, you receive ESPN and ESPN2. For $5 more, you get ESPNU, ESPN News, SEC Network, and ESPN Goal Line. Sling TV also offers the Watch ESPN app with your subscription, giving you access to all the ESPN3 content.

For those who live in an area where ABC is hard to pick up over the air, Watch ESPN is especially helpful as it gives you access to games that are played on ABC.

How to watch sports without cable

How to watch College Football without cable

If you have a Roku and you’re a fan of a Division II or III school, go over to the Livestream site and download their channel. Livestream is free and many Division II and III schools use it to stream their games.

Sadly, some networks like the Pac 12 and Big Ten do not make their networks available for legal streaming. So, the few times a year your team is on BTN or the Pac12 Network, visit a friend who has access to the game or watch it at your local sports bar.

Over The Air

Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC all carry college football games in prime time, and throughout the day on Saturday; so one of the best ways to get college football is via an antenna. To find which stations you can receive with a particular antenna go to From there, you can check out which antenna is a good fit for you.

How to watch sports without cable

How to watch the NFL without cable

The NFL is, for the most part, easy to access as many NFL games are available free over the air. Using an antenna, you can catch over 90% of your local NFL team’s games without paying a dime.

For Monday night football, get Sling TV and use the WatchESPN app to stream the games live. Sling TV allows you to watch over 20 channels, including ESPN and ESPN 2, for only $20 a month with no contract. If you want, you could only pay for it during the football season and cancel it right afterward.

Starting in week 10 of the season, the NFL Network adds a Thursday night game. This is the only difficult spot for cord cutters. The NFL Network is not available to stream legally without cable. There have been rumors that the NFL is working on a streaming service to bring NFL Network games to the public, but no details have been released.

If there is a Thursday night game you really want on the NFL Network we suggest you visit a friend’s house or sports bar. In the future, the NFL will most likely offer a streaming option as more people put pressure on them by canceling cable.

How to watch sports without cable

How to watch the MLB without cable

The MLB At Bat service is a great way to stream live games over the air for free. In years past, you could only stream out-of-market games, but MLB officials have recently said they are close to a deal that will end black outs. Also, they expect to offer black-out-free streaming of MLB games in 2016.

If the game is on ESPN or TBS, you can stream it with Sling TV. For just $20 a month you have access to 20 channels, all with no contract. As mentioned before, you only need to pay for the service during the sports season, then cancel it when you are not using it.

How to watch sports without cable

How to watch the NBA without cable

The NBA is now a lot easier to watch with League Pass, which brings you all the games that are not on national TV. League Pass airs both home and away options to watch on your local broadcasts.

If the game is on ESPN or TNT, you can use Sling TV ($20 a month) to watch your favorite team play basketball, no subscription needed.

How to watch sports without cable

How to watch the PGA without cable

No longer will you miss Thursday and Friday coverage as the PGA is now available for legal streaming online! The PGA has recently released PGA TOUR, the only streaming service to bring you over 30 PGA Tour events live.

You can also access free NBC coverage of the PGA on weekends with an antenna.

We could keep going as there are many more non-cable viewing options for sports fans. Some sports may be easier to access than others for the time being, but now that you know how to watch sports without cable, there should no longer be any reason to pay for an overpriced TV service. You can still watch your favorite sports after you cancel cable TV.


Do you have any tips for watching sports as a cord cutter? Please share them with us in the comment section below.