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HTC 8XT running Windows Phone 8 hits the Ting device lineup


Ting is now taking pre-orders of the HTC 8XT running Windows Phone 8. It’s an awesome phone at a great price contract-free. That’s exciting in its own right.

More though, with all Ting smartphones to this point being Android devices, this addition is momentous as a +1 to supported smartphone OS count. Sure, we’ve been able to offer some Windows Phone devices under the bring your device to Ting program. This is bigger. A +2 perhaps?

If you’ll forgive us for a little horn tooting, we’re coming up on 18 months old (Ting launched publicly in February 2012). We were the first MVNO on our network to offer LTE. The first to offer the Samsung Galaxy SIII and first with the S4 and the HTC One too. The first to offer bring your own eligible device. Now, we’re the first to launch the HTC 8XT which means more than just adding a new device to our lineup. It also means adding a new platform that we’ll be offering support for in the classic Ting style (that is to say, honestly and with human beings as opposed to phone trees).

We’re proud of the things we’ve accomplished thus far but we’re a long way from finished and there’s a lot more yet to come.

We always envisioned Ting as being, as they say, device and platform agnostic. We want to provide the service and let you use it as and on which device you choose. Not to overstate things, but this is certainly another step in that direction. Soon, we’ll be adding another Windows Phone device to the lineup with the Samsung ATIV.

A little on Windows Phone 8

Give any but the most staid or devoted Android or iOS user a Windows Phone 8 handset to try out and you’ll consistently hear a few adjectives and turns of phrase used to describe the experience: Fluid, intuitive, clean, clear and a breath of fresh air among them.

It’s a fair assessment. That’s why Windows Phone 8 enjoys a relatively small but very vocal minority of smartphone users. You may have run in to a few of them on the various online message boards and in the comments section of popular consumer tech editorial outlets. They’re nothing if not passionate and dedicated to their chosen cause.

Windows Phone 8 offers more and more varied device options, much as Android does. This compared with iOS your options essentially consist of the newest or nothing at all. Not that we’re knocking the strategy. It does seem to be working out pretty well after all.

Windows Phone 8 also offers an integrated environment (some might call it a walled garden) in many ways similar to the iOS approach. It keeps things simple, integrated, clean and controlled. While some may argue the approach is restrictive, there are certainly benefits to a curated experience… as anyone that works tech support for less than tech-savvy friends and relatives might attest.

In short, we’re happy to have the HTC 8XT in the Ting device lineup for a number of reasons. Not least of all being that it’s a pretty spiffy smartphone at a reasonable price and on Ting, completely contract-free.