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Hulu is now an even better cord cutting option


Hulu is stepping up with major news

Hulu has been fighting hard to grow their catalog and bring new options to subscribers. So far this year, Hulu’s new deal with Epix has added exciting content to its movie catalog with hits like The Hunger Games and Transformers. New deals with Spike and Discovery bring even more content such as MythBusters, Say Yes to the Dress, Lip Sync Battles and Deadliest Catch to Hulu.

What’s new

Hulu has long had a relationship with Disney/ABC Television Group. They now have a new deal in place to bring even more content to Hulu subscribers.

As part of this deal, Hulu will get exclusive access to Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD shows. There will also be 20 Disney Channel original movies made available only on Hulu.

The deal includes Disney Channel and Disney XD shows like K.C. Undercover , Disney XD’s Gravity Falls , Star vs. The Forces of Evil and former Disney Channel series Dog with a Blog and Austin & Ally .

You will also find more Disney Junior shows such as Sheriff Callie’s Wild West and Henry Hugglemonster . This is on top of favorite Disney Junior shows like Doc McStuffins and Bunnytown, all of which make Hulu a must-have service for parents with young children.

What’s coming

Hulu recently confirmed they plan to jump into the Live TV streaming market. A survey Hulu sent to a select number of subscribers gives us a detailed look into what Hulu plans to do with their new live TV streaming service.

Local channels
The first clear thing we learn is the current Hulu plan will be separate from the new streaming service. Signing up for the streaming service under this plan will not include basic Hulu services, but you will get a discount. Hulu with commercials will drop to $5.99 a month and Hulu without commercials will be $11.99 a month.

You may or may not get local broadcast channels with this new service depending upon where you live. It does seem that most packages will include on-demand content for ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. We don’t know specifics of the new subscription service, but it will likely include some of what is currently featured on Hulu.

Number of devices
We can confirm that you will be limited to your home network and to the number of devices you can login on (similar to how PlayStation Vue limits you to your home network). For $14.99 you will be able to have an unlimited number of “in-home” devices and three mobile devices.

The DVR option for Hulu will not be unlimited. Some plans have a limited space of just 20 hours per account on the DVR. You will be able to upgrade to 300 hours of DVR space for $19.99 (but we are unsure if this is a monthly or one-time fee). There is also something called Smart Record, but the survey we saw did not explain this service.

We did learn you will be able to fast forward through parts of the shows you record, but will not be able to fast forward through ads.

Package predictions

Below we’ll share some screenshots sent in by a reader of Cord Cutters News. They are the package options Hulu subscribers were asked to consider as part of the survey.

We predict there will be four options for your core plans, ranging in price with varying levels of content and cloud storage. It looks as though there’ll be a plan for $29.99, two plans that cost $39.99, and another for $44.99. Also note that the plans have different allowances for how many in-home and mobile devices can be used.

Package Option One

Package Option Two

Package Option Three

Package Option Four

Nothing’s set in stone

Hulu’s new service is about six months from launch, so keep in mind that some of the details are subject to change. However, we expect these packages to be close to what they will offer to the public.

These exciting updates, alongside recent deals with Epix, Spike, Discovery and Disney, makes Hulu’s sensational new content library one of the best streaming options yet for cord cutters.