If you only watch one insane thing today, make it this

By Andrew Moore-Crispin

If this video for the upcoming LG G Flex were reviewed by a wine critic, he or she might say it starts out weird, then erupts in with a bouquet of crazy with a final, insane finish. It attempts to drive the point that the G Flex is “the most human phone ever” by taking viewers on a magic carpet ride of madness.

Words can’t do it justice. Just give it a quick watch and we promise, the image of a crusty mouth with a gross, flossy beard, embedded into a palm, noisily chewing a forkful of cheesecake will be indelibly branded onto your brain. For good or ill. Most likely the latter.

Not sure if this is a good or a bad time to remind you that we’ll be getting the LG G Flex.

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