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Imagining the Ting iPhone plan

Update: We have some big news, check out Ting’s Whitelist for more info!

Ever since T-Mobile got the iPhone 5, there has been a ton written about choosing the best “iPhone plan.”

I was looking at one piece by Christina Warren on Mashable and couldn’t help but imagine what Ting might look like on that nifty, little grid. Hey, look right, there it is!

Listen, Ting will likely get the iPhone some time soon. I figure it can’t hurt to start talking about this now.

The case for the iPhone on Ting is the same as the case for any other device. You pay for the device upfront. You enjoy monthly savings on service because our rates are great and you aren’t wasting money buying usage you don’t use. Over twenty-four months, you come out ahead.

Here’s how I did the math you see represented on the grid.

The Mashable piece based all the plans on at least 4GB of data and unlimited minutes and text. I looked at all Ting customers who have used at least 1GB at least one month in the last five. We know that almost everyone at that sort of level thinks of themselves as data hogs. Plus, we know that people at that sort of level tend to be terrified of the overage penalties that come with most limited plans. I figure those are all folks who would have chosen a 4GB+ or unlimited plan on the major carriers.

In fact, I think I am being more than fair. Millions of people who use way less still make the mistake of buying themselves the big or unlimited plans. Plus, 16% of the folks I included went over 4GB at least once and 11% went over 5GB at least once. More than 2% went over 10GB. This comparison does not include the nasty overage penalties they would incur on AT&T and Verizon or the throttling they could experience on T-Mobile.

Among the 1GB+ users, the average monthly data usage was just below 1GB. That is not at all surprising. Remember, our Validas study revealed that average monthly data usage tends to be just 62% of the peak.

The same folks averaged just below 1,000 minutes and just below 1,000 texts.

Looking at our plans page, 1GB plus 1,000 minutes plus 1,000 texts plus the $6 device fee comes to $53 a month. Multiply that by 24 months and add a $649 upfront price on the iPhone (just a guess at this point) and Ting comes to $1,921 for 24 months, making Ting the “Best iPhone 5 Plan.”

And there are way more factors that would push you even lower on Ting. There are so many ways to lower your data usage. You can also use data solutions (particularly on Wifi) to lower your minutes and texts. With unlimited devices on an account pooling usage and just $6 a month per device, you will certainly save with Ting as you add more devices to your account. Finally, as Mashable pointed out, T-Mobile and Sprint limit hotspot usage.

Of course, with Ting, you also get to be with Ting. I’ll let our customers comment on that.

Alas, this post is indeed a bit premature. I do apologize. But again, why wait until the glorious day when we reveal the iPhone to start doing this math for yourself and start planning accordingly. Grab some old bills and check out your Ting savings calculation. Chime in here if you think this analysis is helpful or unfair.

And then, we wait.