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Improvements to the Savings Calculator

For the past couple of months, we have strongly encouraged anybody considering Ting to use our Savings Calculator to determine whether you would save money based on your current bills and usage.

We just released some improvements to the calculator that make it even more useful.

– Previously, you could only calculate savings on 6 devices. Truth is, you can have unlimited devices on a Ting account. But unlimited is a bit tough on the interface. So we increased it to 30 for now. (If you want more than 30 devices on a Ting account, give us call. We’ll do the calculations for you!)

– We have built the purchase price of the devices into the calculation. You choose how many devices you would need and which devices you want. We’ll look at your current bills and usage, assume you paid nothing directly for your devices with your current provider, compare that to what you would spend on devices, monthly service and the $6/month device fee at Ting and tell you what you would save in 2 years (a typical contract length).

– We made it easy for you to tell your friends about your savings discovery. (Freaking selfless, right? We’d hate for you to have to run door to door.)

– We also give you the opportunity to sign up for a friendly reminder if you love Ting but are still under contract.

Please let us know if you find anything confusing or if we can make this calculator more helpful to you.