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Inside the Ting Ground Crew: Meet Daniel

It’s been three months since the official launch of the Ting Ground Crew – a college student program designed to reward members for bringing classmates to Ting (you can learn more about the program here). Since the start, we’ve been blown away by the hard work and enthusiasm shown by the crew. They’ve made youtube videos, spray painted their campus (legally, of course) and made posters. I caught up with one of our first Ground Crew members, Daniel, to talk about the program and his thoughts on spreading the word about Ting on campus. See the interview below!

Name: Daniel T.
Ground Crew member since: June 2013

Ting Pic

How did you first hear about Ting?
After meeting a lot of new people during my first quarter of college, I quickly realized I needed a texting plan. However, the ONLY texting plan Verizon would allow on to my old family plan would cost an extra $10/user/month…ridiculous. Ting Mobile showed up in a blog I read after searching for, “Cheapest cell phone plans.” The fairness of the pricing and transparent business practices of their parent company, Tucows, made the switch a no brainer. After 8 months, I haven’t had a single disappointment.

What’s the best part of being in the Ting Ground Crew?
I think the best part is having the ability to get my referral credit in cash. Most people don’t have a problem since they’re going to pay Ting anyway, but my monthly bill is so cheap that I’m still using my pre-Ground Crew referral credit to pay my monthly bills. If I were still receiving Ting credit, it would literally just be sitting in my account. Thanks to the cash option, I now have the flexibility to pay for my college expenses as needed.

What do you find is the best to promote Ting on campus?
The best/most effective way to promote Ting is through the direct approach. Striking up a conversation with a random college student about Ting is pretty easy for two reasons. First, we are easily distracted from work and would rather talk. Second, we love hearing about ways to save money. However, fliers are also effective if done properly.

What’s the reception like of Ting on campus?
For the most part, it’s been pretty positive. I know a few students who have already made the switch for the financial benefits of Ting.

What are some of the challenges with promoting Ting on your campus?
Standing out without being annoying. Whether it’s through fliers or doing the direct approach, you have to really stand out since there’s many clubs/businesses trying to promote their activities/products on campus as well.

Why do you think Ting is a great alternative for students?
Bottom line, Ting will save students money. They are the first company that truly lets a customer pay for what they use. Most college campuses will have fast, campus-wide WiFi, rendering any data plan greater than 1GB not cost effective. Moreover, most students don’t use that many minutes, so there’s no need to pay for “unlimited talk.” Furthermore, a student can get even more savings by having multiple devices on an account (family, roommates, etc.). Essentially, Ting provides comparable cell service at affordable prices.

If you could give any advice to a future (or current) Ground Crew member, what would it be?
Be honest and knowledgeable. As a Ground Crew member, you’re officially a representative of the company. Speak from your own personal experience with Ting. An honest critique is the key to a successful referral.

We’re still taking applications for new Ground Crew members! College students in the US are welcome to apply!

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