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Get our 30GB Wi-Fi hotspot device: no contract, as always

Wi-Fi hotspot device no contract

We’ve just added a portable Internet hotspot to the Ting Shop. You can pre-order it today with the Ting Sales team if you need some extra data on the go. Our 30GB Wi-Fi hotspot device (no contract), costs $25/mo and comes with our same no-commitment guarantee. It’s an affordable Wi-Fi hotspot deal you won’t want to miss out on.

In order to get a Ting hotspot, you’ll need to have an account active with at least one other device, so this is a great option for Ting customers who are already saving a ton and want to add some affordable data.

Best Internet for gaming? Fiber Internet gives gamers the online edge

best Internet for gaming

Lag. It’s not just a handy excuse when your squad just can’t seem to pull it together. It’s the scourge of every gamer. Well, every gamer that doesn’t have a dedicated fiber Internet connection.

The fastest, most reliable, lowest latency Internet connection can mean the difference between owning and being owned online. What is the best Internet for gaming? It’s a true symmetrical gigabit fiber connection. That’s handy, because that’s exactly what we here at Ting offer. Fiber Internet is the fastest, lowest latency Internet connection available today bar none. That’s why we call it crazy fast fiber Internet.

Whether you’re a console or PC gamer, whether you’re showing off your skills while streaming on Twitch or just having a bit of fun fragging folks online, true fiber-to-the-home Internet is a level up.

How to save money as a cord cutter

Saving money

Three ways to save money as a cord cutter

Recently, there have been new rumblings and rumors on the Internet that cord cutting doesn’t really save you money. This is an old misconception that has been around since people first began ditching cable TV.

Now, critics are trying a new tactic. Instead of denying cable fees have become exorbitant, they purport that cord cutting is equally expensive because of the subscription fees for streaming services. Not true. With a little self-control, cord cutting can save you a significant amount of money.   

Another tactic critics use is to claim cord cutting costs are rising. However, a recent report by Park Associates found the average $8 cost of subscription streaming services has remained unchanged for the last three years, and what’s more, 30% of cord cutters don’t subscribe to any streaming services.

So what can you do to save money as a cord cutter? Here are three things.

  1. Swap streaming services you no longer use for new ones.
  2. Don’t subscribe to every service that catches your attention.
  3. Do your research and you will save significant amounts of money while still watching what you want.

Old phone? Repurpose, reuse, rethink

old phone

Before trashing, cashing-in, or just hoarding your unused old phone, consider repurposing instead. Why let it sit in a landfill, or in a drawer gathering dust? While the device might be outdated, the new world of smart homes and IoT devices makes that old phone more useful than ever. With a bit of creativity and a DIY attitude, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few examples of how smartphones can be repurposed.

What is a good upload speed? Why upload makes all the difference

what is a good upload speed

What is a good upload speed? This post will talk about the speed most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) don’t advertise. We’re going to cover why upload speed matters and what a bad upload speed can impact in your day-to-day Internet experience.

Ting Internet offers symmetrical gigabit Internet. That means our advertised download speeds are equal to our upload speeds. We believe the answer to the question, what is a good upload speed? is: a symmetrical one.

Get ready for IoMT: the Internet of Medical Things

IoMT Internet of Medical Things

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the medical field so fast; it even has its own abbreviations. The Internet of Medical Things, or the Internet of Heath Things (IoMT and IoHT for short), is a network of medical devices that provides better access to data. Data that can enable and inform both patients and providers alike. With access to the information that IoMT provides, we can expect to see an improvement in patient outcome, lowered cost of care, an increase in preventive care, better management of medical assets, and an increase in the quality of life for the elderly and disabled.

Let’s examine several exciting IoMT projects and how they are changing lives.

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