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Cord cutting tips on turning your TV into a music-playing centerpiece

cord cutting music

Cord cutting for music fans

Spring is almost here and for many, that means gearing up for graduation parties and family cook-outs. Music is a major part of every party, so what better way to enjoy it than by turning your huge TV into a musical entertainment centerpiece?

Forget the so-called music channels on cable TV. If you’re cord cutting, there are several great music services suitable for your TV. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started.

Watch concerts with Qello

Qello Concerts is the world’s leading OTT streaming service for full-length concerts and music documentaries on-demand, reaching users in more than 160 countries.

Qello Concerts’ ever-expanding library spans all musical genres from Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Blues, Pop, Country, Metal, Folk, Rock, Jazz, EDM, Indie, Christian & Gospel, Singer, Songwriter, and more.

With the greatest performances on film from Queen, Pink Floyd, Lady Gaga, Metallica, Nirvana, Tiësto, Tupac, Slipknot and more, Qello Concerts is the ultimate source to watch full-length concerts whenever and wherever you want. Music enthusiasts can relive the concerts they loved, see the shows they’ve always wanted to experience, and discover artists they might never have seen. It’s music to your eyes.

Qello is supported on a wide range of devices including phones, tablets, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV and more. Here’s a full lineup of devices.

Stream Amazon Music Unlimited just about anywhere

Looking for music? With Amazon Music Unlimited you can get access to a huge catalog of music ad-free for just $7.99 for Prime members and $9.99 for non-Prime members. The best part is they have apps on many streaming players to access your music on the go.

Nonstop video play with YouTube Red

For $9.99 a month, you can get uninterrupted, nonstop video play without ads from YouTube Red. What’s more, you can play music or movies anywhere, even if you don’t have Internet service. Just sign into YouTube or a YouTube app on your enabled TV to access YouTube Red. You can also access your YouTube Red account from your mobile device or desktop computer. It includes a free subscription to Google Play Music and their extensive library of music.

cord cutting music

Red Bull TV brings live music events to your screen

Not only does Red Bull TV cover the best in extreme sports and gaming, they also cover a wide range of live music events. The best part is Red Bull TV is 100% free.

You can watch events from around the world, including The Dance from Switzerland and the Electric Daisy Carnival in the United States. Here’s where you can find the full lineup of Red Bull TV events.

Red Bull TV works on a wide range of devices including Roku, Apple TV, Game Systems, Fire TV, Android TV, phones, tablets and more.

Major music services

Almost every major music service has apps for a wide range of devices from Pandora and Spotify to newer services like Apple Music. Device support will vary, but you can search your app store to see what access is available for your device.

These apps are great for parties, as it turns your TV into the center point of the event. Not only will it play music, but guests can also see what song is playing — if they find something new, they may also want to download it.

Do you have a favorite music streaming service not mentioned here? Post it in the comments and let everyone know how you enjoy streaming music.