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Ting Centennial news

The latest updates from the Ting Team in your town

Network construction Phase One: starting in Willow Creek

We’re starting network construction in Willow Creek

Thanks to everyone that has pre-ordered so far and expressed interest in Ting coming to Centennial.

In the time since we first announced our intention to come to Centennial, much of our work hasn’t been visible. In the planning and logistics phase, it’s all engineering, thinking, purchasing and, well, planning.

We’re excited to announce we’re officially ready to break ground. Fiber is coming, Centennial. We’ll be building the network in phases, starting with Phase 1 Willow Creek (see map below). 

If you’re not in Willow Creek 1 or 2, don’t worry. Phase 1 is just the start of our build. Once construction begins, we’ll continue to build neighborhood by neighborhood, and will announce our next phases as soon as we can.

If you’re located in Phase 1, you’ll see our crews out and about in your neighborhood. Bear in mind, we may have to take a break for inclement weather as well as the holidays, but we’ll be back to work as soon as possible. 

Find out more about the construction process and what to expect when we roll up with our trucks here. We’ll be working in the City right-of-way, two to three feet onto the lawn in front of your house. While many utilities work at the back of properties, Ting fiber network construction will be happening in the front. 

We expect to light up our first customers in Phase 1 about sixth months from the start of construction.

This is our first build in Centennial and there are a few infrastructure necessities we have to put in place to make fiber work on a large scale. While you’re waiting, we’ll be working.

Phase 1 deadline to pre-order

The pre-order deadline for Phase 1 is April 30, 2018.

If you aren’t in Phase 1, we’ll let you know pre-order deadlines as we announce where we’re headed next.

When you pre-order Ting gigabit Internet you get a $250 discount on your start up costs. That completely covers installation in most cases, with $50 left over to put toward a router or your first Ting bill. You also get installed as soon as we’re able to connect your address to the network.

Pre-order Ting Internet

When do I get installed?

When we’re ready to start connecting homes to the network, we’ll reach out to everyone that pre-ordered to book installations.

If you pre-order Ting you secure the earliest possible installation date. We fulfill pre-orders first, in order of date placed. Then, we fulfill orders placed after the pre-order deadline.

If you’re not in Phase 1, don’t worry. Once construction begins, it continues to roll out neighborhood by neighborhood and we can cover a fair bit of ground in a season.


Leading the local team

Our Centennial team is gearing up to go!

Meet Michael Garcia, the local Fiber Construction Manager for Ting Centennial.

If you have any questions about construction or about Ting in general, please feel free to reach out to Michael at (303) 435-3970 or