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Ting Centennial news

The latest updates from the Ting Team in your town

The race for fiber in Centennial

Hey Centennial. There’s been some great progress down the road to crazy fast fiber Internet coming to your city. Let’s catch up on everything that’s happened since last we spoke.

What’s been going on in Centennial

The City has been hard at work building a main fiber backbone. What’s a fiber backbone? Think of it like a central highway that connects major points of interest.

The City-owned backbone gets fiber Internet into Centennial’s major community institutions. Getting fiber into centralized buildings is important for the community. The backbone is what connects Centennial to the larger network that is the Internet.

Ting is gearing up to go

Maybe you’re wondering how fiber gets off this central “highway,” into your neighborhood, down your street and ultimately, into your home or business.

That’s where Ting comes in. We’re in the process of cementing the agreements that put Ting in a place where we can begin connecting neighborhoods back to the City-owned backbone.

We’re submitting our plans for the Ting Centennial network to the City and are working together to finalize the design. We’re also looking at real estate as we decide where to build required network infrastructure (known as the central office and fiber huts, in industry parlance) and lay down roots in Centennial.

We’ve come a long way! Now we’re focused on designing and planning the specifics of the larger fiber network, taking into consideration the City’s progress on the fiber backbone.

Here’s what we’re working on

Ting and Centennial have both worked hard to get to this point. We’re on the home stretch, just before we roll up our sleeves and start construction.

Sounds good. But when?

Along the way, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “when?”

Building a fiber network is no mean feat; there’s a ton of engineering and planning before we even think about putting a shovel in the ground. Before construction begins, we’ll announce some broad phases for the build, along with announcing which neighborhoods will get fiber first.

How do we decide where to begin?

You say where

The decision of where the build begins and which direction it takes is determined in large part by you.

Not to put too fine a point on it but a pre-order is as good as a vote to bring fiber to your neighborhood. All things being equal, pre-order volume is absolutely a factor in our network planning. Build where there’s the most demand first; it just makes sense.

Oh, and by the way, we base our count on density of pre-orders so smaller neighborhoods don’t miss out. We like to look out for the little guy.

Let’s get some insight into the pre-orders so far.


The 10 hottest pre-order neighborhoods in Centennial

Orchard Valley
Saddle Rock
Willow Creek 1 and 2
Mill Creek
Heritage Village
Willow West
Piney Creek
Walnut Hills


These are the neighborhoods currently showing the most interest in Ting Internet. Don’t see your neighborhood on the list? That’s okay! This list can change quickly if you and your neighbors rally together, generate local interest and pre-order.

Spread the word with a free Ting lawn sign. Just email and we’ll send you one.

Why do we put so much focus on pre-orders and why does pre-ordering Ting Internet in Centennial require a (fully creditable upon installation) $9 pre-order? It’s a fair question. Here’s an answer.


How to pre-order

Visit to pre-order Ting fiber Internet.

Pre-ordering costs $9 and comes with perks. Not least of which, pre-ordering secures the best install discounts, up to and including the full cost of installation. What’s more, when you preorder Ting Internet we contact you as soon as we can connect you to the network.


What about the other guy?

You may have heard that Comcast is planning to bring their gigabit to Denver and the surrounding area. What does that mean for us? Nothing.

Gigabit gets promised a lot more than delivered. We (customers and lovable little providers alike) just need to believe it when we see it. Then, even when we see it, there is a big difference between the fiber-to-the-home, never compromised, symmetrical gigabit (upload and download of 1,000 Mbps) that Ting offers and what the cable companies tend to pass for gigabit Internet. Finally, we offer fair, honest pricing and outstanding customer support. How many of those words have you used to describe your cable company?



Audrey NguyenOur local team is growing

Help us welcome Audrey Nguyen to Ting! Audrey joins us as a Marketing Specialist with Ting Internet for Centennial. Audrey is a Colorado native who loves everything the beautiful outdoors has to offer, including hiking, camping and skiing.

Audrey loves Centennial because it encapsulates the great diversity of Colorado in a single town. Centennial offers the best of the outdoors and all the charm of a cozy suburb. She loves the town’s thriving, entrepreneurial spirit and admires the growing businesses in the area.

Welcome, Audrey!