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Ting Centennial news

The latest updates from the Ting Team in your town

See you in Centennial – Community event, how to get involved

We’re thrilled with the positive response we’ve received since we announced our plans to bring crazy fast fiber Internet here to Centennial, CO. It sure sounds like you’re ready and waiting for better Internet access here.

Community Info Night

Want to learn more about the network build in Centennial? Have questions about fiber? Want to meet the Ting Team? We love the opportunity to meet and speak in person. We’d love to see you at the upcoming Ting Community Information Session

Where: Innovation Pavillion (in the inEvent Center) – 9200 E Mineral Ave, Centennial, CO 80112
When: Thursday, November 17. Presentation starts at 7pm followed by a Q&A session

Pre-order to cast a vote for your neighborhood!

Pre-orders are the key indicator we use when assessing demand for Ting symmetrical gigabit fiber Internet. Residents and local businesses can plunk down $9 to pre-order gigabit fiber Internet. Placing a pre-order doesn’t just cast a vote for Ting Internet in a specific neighborhood and in Centennial at large, it also unlocks free installation on gigabit fiber Internet. The $9 pre-order is also applied to the initial start-up cost.

Get your Ting Lawn Sign

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-11-14-51-amIf you want to get involved to bring your neighborhood together in an effort to get Ting crazy fast fiber Internet before anyone else, we’d love to send you a lawn sign! Shoot us an email at and we’ll mail one to you.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I care about fiber?

Aside from offering crazy fast, reliable Internet access today, fiber offers increased capacity and a degree of “future-proofing” for the community. It’s “speed of light” Internet access that, not to overstate things, has transformative power for communities that get it.

Fiber optic Internet access has a positive impact on property values, on education and on local business today. Fiber can be a catalyst for startups and an attractant for businesses big and small.

At home:
Ting gives you crazy fast, reliable, fiber Internet access at home. That means everyone can be online at once without impacting anyone else. Streaming, shopping, having a video meeting, doing homework, whatever.

At work:
Business works on the Internet. Everything from accounting, sales, CRM and inventory through point of sale and the phone system gets so much better with the fastest, most reliable connection around.
Bypassing the limitations of old copper networks, only fiber has the capacity to meet a growing businesses’ growing needs.

What’s the City’s role vs Ting’s role in building a fiber network in Centennial?

The City’s role:
The City of Centennial is building a fiber “backbone” along main corridors as part of the Fiber Master Plan (PDF link). This backbone will be used for traffic management and public safety operations. Excess capacity is being leased to Internet service providers (ISPs) like Ting, who complete the “last mile” network construction.

Ting’s role:
Ting is making a significant capital investment here in Centennial to build the “last mile” of the fiber network, connecting homes and businesses to the larger network and Internet. We’re the service provider: The one that brings fiber onto the premises and the people you call if ever there’s a question or a problem with their home or work Internet access.

Let’s talk where and when

Q Where will the fiber network be built?

Construction of the fiber network will take place within the city limits of Centennial. There are many factors that influence where building begins but the one that you can impact is pre-orders. All else being equal, pre-order density determines where we start and in which directions we head from there. So the more of your neighbors that sign up, the better your chances of getting service earlier. If you’d like a lawn sign to help spread the word, please send us an email at

Q When does construction begin?

There are many moving parts involved. That said, we’re targeting to begin construction before summer 2017.

What does this mean to me

Q How much is Ting Internet?

Ting Internet is $89/mo for symmetrical gigabit (1000 Mbps) for homes and $139/mo for businesses. We also offer a lower cost symmetrical 5 Mbps connection for homes for $19/mo.

Q What is the benefit of pre-ordering?

Pre-ordering casts a vote to get fiber in your neighborhood and can actually guide our construction efforts. Aside from that, pre-ordering unlocks the best installation discounts we can offer: Up to and including the full cost of installation.

Q How much is installation?

Ting’s standard installation is a small portion of the actual cost. $199 for a home and $399 for a business.

Q Do I have to buy any equipment?

The Ting Internet Box is typically required to access the fiber network. It can be purchased outright for $199 or rented for $9/mo.

Q Are you going to tear up my yard?

We use the latest underground construction techniques to keep disruption and mess to an absolute minimum. We build in the city-owned right of way. If you sign up for Ting Internet, the conduit that brings fiber to your premises will be routed safely underground to your home or business, without the need for trenching.