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Centennial Center Park Wi-Fi, brought to you by Ting Internet

Centennial Center Park - seating area. Wi-Fi is now available here

A trip to the park is a chance to disconnect. With Centennial Center Park Wi-Fi powered by Ting Internet, disconnecting is an option, not a requirement. 

Ting Internet, working in partnership with the City of Centennial, has launched free Wi-Fi hotspots in multi-award-winning Centennial Center Park. These Wi-Fi hotspots cover core guest spaces of the 11-acre park including the amphitheater and lawn, playground and splash pad and high-traffic seating areas.

Centennial Center Park - Playground wide shot. Wi-Fi is now available here

“Centennial Center Park is a cornerstone of family fun here in the state and we are thrilled to be able to offer free internet to anyone who now visits the park,” said Sheelah Jones, Marketing Manager, Ting Internet. “We full-heartedly believe in lowering barriers to internet access and we know that this is something that will elevate the experience for all park guests and for the residents of Centennial.” 

Backed by a Ting Internet fiber connection, Centennial Center Park Wi-Fi hotspots can support thousands of guests simultaneously. Just in time; as COVID-19 restrictions ease up, Centennial Center Park is once again playing host to a series of great community events for young and old alike.

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How to access Centennial Center Park Wi-Fi

Centennial Center Park Wi-Fi is open to all users and all devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. To connect, just open your device’s Wi-Fi settings, find the Ting@CentennialPark signal and tap to connect.

No sign-up is required to access Centennial Center Park Wi-Fi, powered by Ting Internet. Users just need to agree to standard terms of use, after which they’re free to do whatever they need to do online.

Get better internet at home too

Ting Internet connects Centennial homes and businesses with fast, reliable fiber internet access. To learn more and to see if Ting Internet is available in your area, simply check your address.