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Charlottesville construction update: what we’ve been up to

charlottesville construction update

Here’s a construction update for Charlottesville

Hey Cville, this post will catch you up on the construction and fiber infrastructure work Ting has been up to over the last few months in your town.

We’ve been hard at work this year reviewing the network and designing new neighborhoods to build out capacity for Charlottesville. We worked on underground construction in Redfields and got several apartment buildings connected to the network as well.

Redfields construction

To date, one-third of Redfields has fiber running through it. We ran into some permitting issues that forced us to temporarily pause our efforts, but we’re back at it, working to deliver fiber to the entire neighborhood. We anticipate lighting up customers at the beginning of the new year.

If you’re in Redfields and want the best price on Ting fiber, pre-order before December 15, 2017. You’ll get $200 off your start up costs on Ting gigabit and $50 off your start up costs on Ting 5/5.

Pre-order Ting today!

Apartment buildings

We connected several buildings over the last few months. If you see your rental management company or address below, be sure to check in with your property manager and see if your building is Ting-ready.

  • 16 University Properties LLC buildings
  • 1745 Allied St. at McIntire Plaza
  • Four Woodard Properties buildings
  • Three buildings under MSC property management, Rugby Apartments, the Pointe and Nob Hill.*


* If you live in these buildings, you have the option to upgrade to Ting gigabit for upload and download speeds up to 1000Mbps.

What’s next: Fontana

We are aiming to begin construction in Fontana in December 2017. We anticipate lighting up customers in February of 2018.

If you’re in Fontana and want Ting, pre-order by January 31, 2018. You’ll get $200 off your start up costs on Ting gigabit and $50 off your start up costs on Ting 5/5.

Pre-order Ting today!

Don’t miss out: pre-order Ting

If you want Ting, make sure you pre-order today. A pre-order costs $9 and comes with perks.

  • Pre-order Ting gigabit and get $200 off your start-up costs (including installation and your first bill).
  • Pre-order Ting 5/5 and get $50 off your start-up costs (including installation and your first bill).
  • Be one of the first to get installed when we start lighting up your neighborhood.


Pre-order Ting today!

Remember, the pre-order deadline for Redfields is December 15, 2017 and the pre-order deadline for Fontana is January 31, 2018. You must pre-order by these dates to get $200 off Ting gigabit or $50 off Ting 5/5.


Ting Internet customers can refer their friends, family and neighbors to Ting. Score free service for every successful referral and give your friends and family a discount on Ting gigabit or Ting 5/5.

  • If you’re a Ting customer, tell your family and friends to mention your name when we call them to book their installation.
  • They’ll get $99 off Ting gigabit or $25 off Ting 5/5.
  • Ting customers get one month of free service for every successful referral!

Community events and updates

charlottesville construction updateWe’ve had a busy few months in Charlottesville. We hosted a fun customer appreciation event at The Paramount Theater where we screened the Little Mermaid. Plus, there was a surprise visit from Ariel herself!

We also started an exciting partnership with Charlottesville’s Women in Tech/Tech girls (CWIT).

Ting Internet has provided $10,000 in annual funding to support CWIT’s mission to address the underrepresentation of women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers in the Charlottesville area.

We were proud sponsors of the Buzz by Belmont 5K and CBIC Tech Tour for students.

Stay tuned, there’s still more to come. Ting will be sponsoring Charlottesville’s Annual Grand Illumination this December 1 on the Downtown Mall.
charlottesville construction update