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Crazy fast, reliable Internet for Rugby

reliable Internet

Real human support for real human beings

Kathy is a Charlottesville native. She loves taking her dogs for walks around Rugby. She loves the old growth trees and her kind, friendly neighbors. Maybe you’ve seen her out and about.

Kathy, like many of us, thinks that being treated like a real human being isn’t too much to ask. Obvious, sure… but think back to your last interaction with the cable company. It was probably inhuman at best and at worst, it was inhumane.

When Ting Internet came to town, Kathy started to hear about our different approach to customer service. So she decided, ‘why not?’ and made the leap to fiber.

We admire that kind of pioneering spirit.

Now, as a Ting crazy fast fiber Internet customer, Kathy speaks to a real person on the occasion she has a question or an issue. She doesn’t deal with robots or pushing 1 for service in English. At Ting, you don’t have to wade through endless phone trees or push 20 buttons to get to a real person that can answer questions and solve problems that may arise.

“I always get a person who is knowledgeable and knows what I’m talking about.”

reliable Internet

Reliable Internet for Rugby

Kathy’s Ting Internet has never gone down. She’s starting to branch out into new ways of using the Internet and recently discovered Roku. Now she has access to Netflix and Amazon and she can stream a movie or TV show without ads. She likes that. Who wouldn’t?

Rugby is a pretty sweet place to live, made even better thanks to Ting’s crazy fast fiber Internet.

To learn more, go to

Or, give us a call at 1-844-846-4994 and test us on our claim of no hold, no transfer, no robots customer service.