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Ting Charlottesville news

The latest updates from the Ting Team in your town

Cville build-out update

Ting's Expansion Map - Click to enlarge

We’ve been hard at work these past few months, expanding many miles of our fiber network throughout Charlottesville. We thought you might like to know more about our recent developments.

Major roll-outs

  • Belmont
  • North Downtown
Our team has been diligently working to roll out our fiber network to the vast majority of these two areas. If you live Belmont or North Downtown and you haven’t checked your address for coverage lately, you might want to take another look. If we’re not there yet, it’s because we’re waiting on permits so it’s just a matter of waiting a wee bit longer. We’ll definitely keep you posted.

Ongoing expansions

  • 10th and Page
  • Woolen Mills
  • Venable
  • Martha Jefferson
  • Locust Grove
We’re working every day to expand these areas as quickly as we can. If you work or live in one of these neighborhoods, you’re likely to see us out and about in one of the Ting Trucks. Wave or say hi if you see us. Better yet, take a photo, upload it to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag “TingTruck” and we’ll send some free swag your way!

Live in an area of the city that doesn’t have service yet? Want us to get to your neighborhood faster? The best route is to place a pre-order now and ask your neighbors to do the same. We’ll be sure to keep in touch with updates.

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